Optic neuritis

Hi peeps,

Long story shortish: I’ve had problems with optic neuritis for over 8 weeks, have had a course of steroids 40mg a day for a week. They did absolutely nothing. MS nurse had already told me that she would normally suggest 500mg per day for 5 days. GP has prescribed them for me. They had to be ordered in so my partner went to get them and they hadn’t arrived! The pharmacy called the supplier who said they didn’t have any in stock and didn’t know when the next delivery would be! The pharmacy then rang all local pharmacies including Asda etc. No one had any! I then rang my MS nurse who is going to see if she can sort something out.

Here’s why I’m fretting: I can see okay apart from trying to read/type things. I have double vision, bits missing and some weird 3D type thing going on. After a while it gets even worse. A lot of my job involves staring/typing at a monitor and I’m so worried I won’t get my eye sorted. Kinda wanted to try thre steroids before I go back to work proper

Has anyone else had this problem and have any treatments to help it?

I know its something that will keep coming back but just want to know if anything helps.

Thank you



Ive suffered ON and the only thing which helped me was coloured glasses (to tone down the glare) and prisms which were prescribed via Opthalmologist at hospital to stop my double vision.

You could try dimming your computer at work which may help and wearing shades. I do hope in the meantime your steroids come from somewhere so you can get back to normal. Not nice is it, sharing is caring though.

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Hi don’t know if this is helpful to you but when I had on even after a course of steroids I had severe double vision, which lasted 8 weeks, my only relief was wearing a patch over one eye (not very attractive I know) but sod it it helped me! Hope you feel better soon!

I don’t think the steroids are guarenteed to do anything , and at least I understand they don’t alter the overall outcome of the attack , just a speed up mechanism perhaps , I find an eye patch can help too , along with dark glasses , but not much else to add I’m sorry to say , biggest trouble for me is whilst hobbling around with an eye patch and being called 'John ’ , people ask where my parrot is ? and start mumbling ooh aargh , I guess you have to smile at the insensitive ****ards ?

hope you found a solution of some sort , if only to ease it a bit ?

Hi all,

Thank you for your replies .

I’ve been wearing an eyepatch for about a week (ms nurse suggested it). It does really help but after a while my other eye gets . Good news though, my GP got on the case and they managed to find a supplier who had squirreled some away. I rang the pharmacy this morning and its ready to collect! I know it might not work but you gotta try Well, here’s hoping they work.

Thanks again for all your advice.


yes I hope they work :slight_smile: