Strange eye

Hi Guys, I was wondering if the problem I’m having with my right eye is MS related, my vision is distorted by a wavey patch which I can only describe as looking through a prism, if that makes any sense. It varies on how long it lasts could be a few minutes to 24 hours, I don’t have any pain though so I was wondering if any body else has had this to with MS or is it something completely different. I was diagnosed in 2004 and to my knowledge I’ve never had optic neuritis or any problems with my eyes. Thanks Cathy.

Get your GP to refer you to the eye clinic - got to keep an eye on the eyes! Clarexxx

Hey, I had a very similar problem to you about 4 weeks ago. Started off blurry then went to double vision. I have now been wearing an eye patch for 3 weeks. My ms consultant said it will go back to normal but could take some weeks :frowning: Hope this helps xx