Help with reading

I am writing on behalf of one of my patients who has MS and now has only movement in one finger left. She would very much like to read but feels its a bother to ask her carer (who is elderly) to turn the pages of her book. She has an iPad and I wondered if there was a function which would allow her to voice command the pages to turn in the kindle app or whether there was a way to connect a device (such as a mouse) to the iPad to allow her to click to turn pages. I have discussed audiobooks but she’s not keen. Has anyone any experience of this? I can see that it would improve her quality of life immensely if she could enjoy books again and it would be great to have a solution to this problem. Thanks very much


Unfortunately, there isn’t a voice command on Kindle, so that wouldn’t work. And you turn pages through tapping or swiping so theoretically you should be able to turn pages if your finger in placed in the right position. But the trouble with Kindle is that it’s not very responsive. So doesn’t always behave as well as it should.

I don’t think there’s a wireless mouse that will work on an iPad. I just had a look and even though there are many types of ‘Bluetooth’ wireless, it seems that they all need a USB port (which an iPad doesn’t have).

I’ve just tried to make my iPad turn the page on the Kindle app with Siri (the Apple voice command). It didn’t work. But, reading using the iPad together with the Kindle app might be easier to do with one finger. If the iPad was perfectly placed, the book lined up and her finger positioned just so all she had to do was tap down with it, it might work.

Other people with more ‘techie’ brains than mine might be able to find a better solution.

I hope she gets something to help her read; life without books wouldn’t be nice. I agree with her, audio books really aren’t the same. I’ve tried, but they make me fall asleep. And then I have no idea what’s going on in the book. I have enough trouble with Kindle books, I tend to have to go back a few pages to remind me where I am. (I still sometimes get to the end and a characters name is mentioned and I have no idea who that is!)

Best of luck.


I advise you to contact AbilityNet. I have the kindle that uses smart features, only using one finger. Can she not use that. I admit I sit with mine on a cushion, on my lap, and it may be some such support device is needed to manage that.