pain in fingers when holding up book

Hope everyone is doing well. Does anyone else get strong pins and needles spreading from their pinkie fingers across their hands when reading a book lying in bed with head propped up? Rather specific I know, but the pain becomes v strong unless I stop. Thanks, Ian

Hello IanD, I have been having severe pains in my thumb,index and ring finger that has actually been waking me up at night. My hand is just kinda tingly during the day but at night its as though it really becomes painful. I isited the gp who said he did not think it was carpel tunnel and could well be ms related but has taken some blood which I am waiting on results for. Hope you feel ok ,Mary

I have very strange feelings/pains in hands at different times. I no longer read ‘books’ though. Have you tried an e-reader Ian? I use a Kindle, which I can balance on a cushion sitting in the lounge, balance on my chest whilst reading laying on the bed, supporting my head on pillows, and on my iphone (using the kindle ‘app’) laying on my side in bed at night (including in the middle of the night when I wake up). E-readers, of whatever type - and kindle is not supportive of public library e-books so it’s a good idea if you want to read library books to look at other e-readers - are a massive boon to the disabled. They make reading much easier.


I have arthritis in my thumb joints. My kindle is kind to my hands and eyes. I need strong light to read, so the bright back lighting on the paperwhite model is wonderful. No, I don’t work for Amazon. I wish I did.


I’m another fan of ereaders. I struggle to hold a book up for long and hold the pages open at the same time but can manage an ereader. It’s lighter and I’m not having to try and keep the book open.