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Morning all!

I see there are a couple of posts from 2014, which have been replied to.

Just in an effort to get these noticed, I’m posting for them afresh.

I know, I have too much time on my hands!!

Prodigal daughter and Tango are looking for ideas for a page turner for someone who cannot use their hands well.

They may have solved their requests already, so thanks for reading anyway.


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As I posted above, a stylus pen for use with a touch screen might be worth a try. The squidgy rubber ball on the end should give enough grip to lift the page. You can get them for pennies so no disaster if it doesn’t suit you. That said. I loves my Kindle I does.

Oops, Thanks for starting new thread.

Kindle all the time for me, have only read 1 paper book since I got it 2 years ago.

No need to swipe, just touch the right hand side with a finger, or even my nose (if I’ve just put hand cream on or outside wearing gloves!!).

Jen x

Kindle, Kindle, Kindle. (Or Kobo or Nook, whatever book reader grabs you). It’s great not having to turn physical pages, just touch the side of the screen. Plus, you can change the size of text, the backlight, margins and line spacing. It means whatever makes reading easier for the individual is simple. And of course, the weight remains the same no matter the length of the book. So you can imagine the difference between a 1000 word tome and an e-reader.

It’s a shame that a Kindle can’t be used with public e-library books. (Amazon for some bizarre reason don’t want you to read books on their device for free! Although actually there are still a good number that are available for free including many classics which are out of copyright.) But more and more public libraries are getting their own e-book service. Anyone who’s not tried an e-reader but has a tablet (so can download an appropriate app) can talk to their public library about getting registered for e-books and try on their tablet for free without investing in an e-reader.

I love my kindle. And I’ve not read an actual physical book for nearly 5 years. My e-library is groaning at the seams, but at least it’s not heavy. My only real problem now is what to do with all my physical books. I give visiting people (the types who still read old world style) any books they fancy. My house is like a public library, only one where you get to keep the books.



MacBook is My Book

Libraries - gosh! I used to go every other week, but haven’t been to one for over 6 years now. How things change.

I managed to break my kindle, so now read on my 6 year old MacBook - an old styled white one - which has been repaired many times: new battery, fan… memory etc.,. but it still works.

Great for reading anyway… and I can chat with you all, and watch my online lessons.

I’m a great fan of the free books which you can download as a PDF and read.

Also has many free reads, if you are not able to get to the public library.

Actually, I would be lost without my MacBook.

It’s so old technology now it has a DVD player, so I have been able to buy up many old films very cheaply, and people give me their old tv series box set collections as they moved over to Netflix.

Recently, I enjoyed watching Upstairs Downstairs. I was so young when it was first shown, and I never liked Hazel, but I can empathise with her plight now.

I found this with re-reading classic novels, as I got older, I got a different perspective.

But, I still buy a few books - sadly not novels anymore, I can’t follow the story - but colourful books on painting are always a joy.


Page turners are available, but they can be expensive for what they are - up to £15 for a rubber tip on a plastic stick and up to £2000 for an electric page turner!

Like others, I rely on my Kindle. I’ve had lots of cheap books from Amazon, and a few free books that have been out of copyright. I love the fact that I can adjust the font size depending on how my eyes are, and page turns are a touch on the screen. I have a couple of book stands for thick or heavy books (some books don’t work on Kindle, especially those with beautiful illustrations), but I have replaced a lot of print books with e-books.

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Charity shops? Get your T to haul them away in their direction!


I’ve done that with lots and lots of them. One of the problems is purpose built fixed book shelves! If I empty them all at once I’ll have two large bookshelves built in to the alcoves in my living room with very little on them. Wheras if I empty them little by little, I resolve the problem of what to do with my dearly beloved friends slowly and additionally have the pleasure of giving them to people who want them and will read them. Eventually the shelves will be empty and will have to be removed but that will call for redecoration and a new carpet (the carpet was fitted after the shelves). Sorry more information than you really needed or wanted. Very boring today.


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