i have just been part of a test!

hiya all

i have just been a guinea pig for my local library! they recently got a new van with a small lift to get wheelchair users up on to the van. they (and me!) wanted to see how i managed on my powerchair. it was fine! lots of photos taken and one wee hicup which am sure will be addressed.


Your 15 minutes of fame then?

Well done for helping out!

luv Pollx

Sounds cool. Good to hear that books are accessible for all specially after so many library closures. Have to say every time I see your user name I CRAVE chocolate! x

Next stop Top Gear, Ellie

how nice - I could not be without my books but lots websites with of free kindle books and Amazon 1-click is becoming an bit of an addiction

JBK xx

thanks all

no poll-thats still to come!

MM-read my name as grape lol

JBK-i love books too. so much harder since losing sight in left eye. can only manage about 10mins looking at book or computer. have a kindle but also only 10 mins or so. but i am a determined so and so (thats what i have been told anyways!)


oops-missed u geoff-sorry. will i get kisses from the boys?!

Well done for giving it a go…hope the library service roll this out countrywide…could not live without my books…I have boxes and boxes of paperbacks.

I used to belong to bookswap online but the high cost of posting 1 book made me decide to give up on that.

Now I get someone to bring me 6 at a time from charity shop so that if I can,t get to library I have stand by,s. It is not often I find any book unreadable.

I have thought about a kindle but think I would have problems reading from a screen all the time as I do if I stay on laptop too long.

My boxes of books are headed to a car boot sale soon with my friend…I hope someone will still want to read paper books.

I have lots of nursing books which I tried to sell on ebay but again postage costs put people off I think.

When I did sell a box of 35 books on ebay it cost £4.40 to send by courier but the buyer complained that the books were not recently published so I didn,t bother again…I had to get my son to parcel them up and arrange courier and sold the books for £2.00 for the 35.

I just sent a mixed lot…don,t have capacity to list each and every book.

Have you tried audio books? My local library rents them for free. I know it’s not the same as a book but I would find 10 mins only terrible. Or perhaps someone could read aloud to you? Just a thought.

hiya anon and anne

yes-the van gave me 2 audio books to try couple of months ago. i listened to them via my cd player cos i also have ear issues and cant put anything in them! the kids wouldnt want to read the things that i do…

but thanks for the suggestion.

i have found it very difficult to find something suitable-lost sight in left eye, right side weakness (arm and leg) and i am naturally right handed! nausea is never gone… however i persevere as i can

Hi Anon,

I have a kindle touch which is not backlit so I can read it for hours (and frequently do when insomnia hits). If I tried to read the same thing from a computer screen I would struggle. I know several people at work who had the same concern but I convinced them and now they would not go anywhere without their Kindle.

Anyone with a kindle have a look at the website Kindofbook. They can send you an email every day with free and reduced price books (at least 14 every day, sometimes over 50) and you can pick the genres you are interested in if you want to. It really is a great site

I will warn you though. Downloading these can be addictive. I have to stop cause I have downloaded over 1000 - ok I’ve read about 300 of those but I have to be strong.

JBK xx

p.s. try librivox for free audiobooks that are in the public domain. They are read by volunteers.

I love free stuff

JBK xx

Sounds like I should give it a try, thnk you.