World book day...not ms

What are you reading? what are your children reading and did they dress up at school today?

Alison x

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hiya alison

this is going to hurt by adam kay for the 4th or 5th time! it makes me laugh and cry each time-i cant recall the details so its like reading it for the first time!

my grand daughter and i read the tiger who came to tea and the lady who swallowed a fly yesterday when she was here. i managed to find a cuddly tiger same as in the book she that sits on her knee and then them on mine!

no re dressing up but there seems to have been many adults getting involved (as i hear on the radio)

what are you reading?


hi ellie, no children here either, but sure nephews and niece will have enjoyed it, just not sure they can dress up as tractors and trucks! I’m just re-reading Tombland have re read the whole series (bit of a marathon) I have an I.O.U for Margaret Atwood’s next one,it was pre ordered as a Christmas present.

I can’t remember most of the books I read anymore. I keep on having to reread whole series’ of books to get my head round the characters histories. I’m stuck into thrillers at the moment - currently Jeffrey Deaver (I’ve had to reread the previous two books before I start the latest!). But I just have so many books on my Kindle just waiting for me. (Only the unread live on my Kindle, the rest reside in ‘the Cloud’, whatever that is!)

They’re separated into genres, so as well as thrillers (differentiated by US/U.K./other), there are collections of sci-fi, historical novels, history, general non fiction, ‘general’ fiction, oh so many books. And more keep on being published. They’re buggers these authors, given enough money, freedom, rooms of their own, they just write away and my virtual shelves are filling all the time. Just as I’m emptying the actual shelves by giving away books to whoever will take them.

I just got a thank you message from a boy who I’d gifted the first two Harry Potter books to. At 8 he’s just about old enough to read them for himself, as soon as he can hold the rest (some are hardbacks so are a bit heavy as well as being a bit long for a wee boy) they have his name on them. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was one of the many ‘H Potters’ at school today. I have no children of my own.

I love Margaret Atwood too. The problem is, I’ve read most of her books in paper, so if I want to read old books I have to rebuy them in e-form.

My life has been defined by the books I’ve read.


Hi I was working at a school today and I saw a lot of where’s waldo, harry potters and that was the teachers. I read a lot I have hundreds of books and I have a kobo, Amazon fire and the first kind. I have about 1500 books on them together. Kay

Have the same problem,although I do still buy hardbacks, I have a lovely Dr Suess one…nephews not found it yet!

I am showing hubby this, so he realises it’s not excessive!

Grandson went into nursery as a dinosaur. I bought him an Usborne dinosaur book which he loves, even the very scary picture of T Rex! He loves looking at books and being read to and it’s my favourite pastime to have him sit with me and read to him. I recently read Giraffes Can’t Dance about a dozen times in 3 days. Sue, I’m an avid kindle fan as well, but nowhere near as organised as you. When I’m going through my unread items I frequently have to recheck with Amazon to see what they’re about. Kay, I thought I had a lot of books, but I’m nowhere near your total. Happy reading everyone

Don’t like using kindle - can make no sense of the Harry Potter books - Hilary Mantel too intense - hate American books - hate sci-fiction and horror (sorry, miserable old git here!) BUT love Val McDermid and Anne Cleves.

I still own hundreds of paper books (don’t know what to do with the huge expensive built in shelves once they’re gone!). And have about 1100 on my Kindle. Yes, a tad excessive, but books have been my friends my entire life. It’s so sad that I can’t remember the plot of a book I read last year, last month, even last night - I invariably have to restart the previous chapter the next day.


Love Hilary Mantel, and JK Rowling/Robert Galbraith and Val McDermid, can’t stand Ann Cleves, love Stuart Macbride. Starting to hate Peter James and Mark Billingham. Oh and love Sci-Fi, but there’s way too many time travel books around.

Picky old git here.

Love anything historical, police procedurals, thrillers, horror and sci fi. Don’t like romance generally. I’ll pretty much read anything but now if I can’t get into a book or the writing is poor I delete it rather read to the end. Not so picky but a harsh critic…

Yes, I’ve deleted a few, only book I remember throwing away wa,s The Da vinci code, too many in the charity shop,bit of a 50 shades situation!

Da Vinci code and writers who are trying to ‘do’ the Da Vinci Code. Grrrr.

Bad writing / unbelievable characters / unrealistic story lines - all deleted. I have too much to read to waste my poor memory on rubbish.


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We are a family of readers, books and ebooks a like. My mum reads Peter James and English detectives I read lots of different styles of books and authors from si fi to historical. My sister likes 50 shades of grey not my cup of tea, my mum got 50 shades of sheds.


What a lovely thread idea!! Me and mini FB love reading ! Two book worms !! At the moment I’m reading a book called ‘The binding’ it’s fascinating … transports you right away … My daughter is 8 and I can’t wait to introduce her to Harry Potter I loved it, when it came out I was about the same age as Harry so I very much grew up with him. Mini FB has a love for the books of David Walliams and her current read is ‘The Ice Monster’ to the point where she went to her book day as Dotty the cleaner!! My last read was ‘Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine’ a book I’ll always remember. I believe it’s still in the charts so if anyone is thinking about it I can’t recommend it enough X

Kay that really made me laugh ! I didn’t get the 50 shades bug either x

I enjoyed Eleanor Oliphant too! did remind me of something I read years ago but that may have been a short story.

Eleanor Oliphant was beautifully written,I think I did it in about 3 sittings !! A short story that haunts me to this day is “The yellow wallpaper” … I see books like films in my head and I’m totally engrossed … I could see that woman in the wall paper in my sleep …

Our book club read Eleanor Oliphant and we all agreed (that’s unusual in itself) that it was a good read. I’ve read the Harry Potter series a couple of times. I’ve a few years to wait until my grandson is ready for HP. Other books I’ve enjoyed are the Cormoran Strike series that JK writes as Robert Galbraith. I’m also a fan of Conn Iggulden and Bernard Cornwall books.

Just had a look on Amazon for The Binding. Looks unusual so I’ve put that on my book wish list which is almost as long as the books I have already bought but have yet to read. Anyone else have any recommendations?