How hard do you find reading a book?


Last night I actually tried, for the first time in nearly 5 years, to read an actual paperback book (400 odd pages). It was a nightmare. Turning the pages was extremely difficult and time consuming so I gave up. I’ve been using a kindle all this time, which makes reading SOOO much easier. I actually found myself dragging my finger across page 4 of said paperback, before chuckling to myself. Without my kindle I don’t know what I’d do, as I’ve always been a rather bookish cove. Any of you also struggle turning pages?

Fine motor skills/dexterity issues aside, do any of you also find that MS has affected your concentration levels when it comes to reading at length? Or is it just age…!

Hope you’re all OK and love to hear your thoughts.


Kindle 90% of the time here, CP. I do read a real book every so often if somebody lends me one. The trouble with the Kindle is that you can’t lend or borrow books. Unless I’m missing something. I often read something on the Kindle and think ’ so-and-so would like this, must lend it to him or her.’ Then the moment of frustration- I can’t. I don’t have a problem with turning pages, but I do notice the increased weight of a real book. A big door step of a thing tires my arms out.

I CP… I read on both on kindle and books. Not nearly as much as I used to. Gone are the days when I could read a paperback thriller in a day. I don’t have a problem turning pages but I do find a book heavy and uncomfortable to hold and generally prefer kindle. Also I like kindle because I can make the font & spacing bigger. The main problem I find now is I read much much slower than I used to. I really read at the same pace as talking otherwise I can’t get the meaning of it. Takes me ages to read a book now. I generally read at night and I always have to flip back a few pages as can’t remember anything of what I read the previous night. Also I give up on books more than I used to. If the plot is too complicated I just give up. I think that’s to do with reading slower… some plots are hard to follow if not reading quickly. Not sure if that makes sense. BUT saying all that, I still would say it’s my favourite pass time and I’m determined to carry on!!! Have you tried audio books? Can download them and are very cheap… if reading ever becomes too difficult I console myself that I can listen to audio books. Pat xx

[quote=“kevadams”] I often read something on the Kindle and think ’ so-and-so would like this, must lend it to him or her.’ Then the moment of frustration- I can’t. [/quote] Kev there is a way to put a kindle book onto 2 kindles. I’m not sure how to do it but would be in kindle help section on amazon. But I think it has to be the same to people each time… so for instance a couple can both read the same book & only buy it once. Pat xx

Hi CP, Sadly had to give up reading a few years ago…I do miss it…nothing better than losing yourself in a really good novel. I am sure now I too would have a problem with a hefty book but my main problem is confusion and inability to concentrate…I get so muddled as to who is who and what is what that I find myself reading the same page about twenty times. Sort of defeats the object! I have tried again lots of times but always with the same result. I have noticed over the last year or so even magazine articles exhaust me. The longest things I read now are posts on here! Hope everyone is as ok as possible in the heat. Nina x

Hi CP, I love to read, whether its novels, magazines or the back of cornflake packets. It is usually the kindle I use because it is so convenient. I must admit I haven’t tried to read a book for months. I love a good thriller or a murder story but I can’t seem to cope with more complicated stories anymore. It’s films I can’t watch anymore, I just can’t seem to concentrate. I usually fall asleep in the middle of one but I do love cuddling up on the sofa with one of my grandchildren watching the films they like. Now I am not sure if that is an age thing or ms. The fog and humidity are still here. Mags xx

Mags, have you tried watching films with subtitles turned on? I noticed that I could follow plots better when watching foreign films and drama with subtitles… so I started putting them on for English language films and drama’s. It really works for me. For some reason I can keep my concentration going and stops my mind wandering… and then understand the plot better. Worth a try. Pat xx

I wish I could do that as I can see it would help with concentration…l tried it several times but it really exhausts me! Aren’t we all odd! Nina x


Definitely the kindle, cos its light and I can enlarge the text, love mine.

Pam x

I’ve always been a real book worm. My house is lined with books but like all of you I’m really struggling to read them. Between concentration issues, blurred vision, and my hands cramping around my books I’m not doing very well. It takes me about 3 weeks to read a book now. Frustrating!!! Audio books are wonderful when I feel rough. I like on my bed with one through the head phones and the real world vanishes.

Do any of you occasionally feel that your senses are on high alert, especially hearing? At times I can hear every sound - the fridge, freezer, radio, people talking, clocks ticking, neighbours dogs, cars etc. I hear every sound and they all mesh into one, driving me insane. I can’t differentiate them, they echo in my head and there’s no escape. I’m not explaining this well am I? Sorry, that’s the best I can do. That’s when I need my headphones and an audio book as there’s just one noise to concentrate on. It doesn’t happen as often at home but if I’m out in the supermarket or pub etc I have to go outside in the quiet for a while. It’s really disturbing. Take care

Cath xx

Ruth and I both have our own Kindles, but they were both bought from my Amazon account, and all our books are bought through that account. We can choose which Kindle to download them to, but we both of us can still access all the books we have bought in total, via the ‘Archived Books’ option. I think that’s the trick- two Kindles on the same account.

There may be a way to share with other Kindle readers, I haven’t found it. (Haven’t tried very hard, must confess.)

Hello CP,

By the time I’ve gone through the daily crossword, polygon, scrabble and email/football stuff, my eyes need big recovery time. I’m now reduced to a few books with my young daughter-fewer pages, larger size big letters and pictures etc (I’ve always liked books with pictures). Yet it gets difficult when the page is coloured a dark shade of anything. I tend to associate reading novels with foreign holidays which are no more due to heat issues. If I’m on my tablet I’m usually playing scrabble. In truth I’ve never been a big book person but I sympathize with the how MS can also attack simple pleasures. Yet another little chip at the stress factor.

Best wishes, Steve.

I think it must be an MS thing. Even with this damned tinnitus outside noise really bugs me. Near my Mum’s is a great restaurant, really good Sunday roast, but OMG the accoustics (spelling!) in there are awful and I simply can’t go there anymore. I cannot bear loud music at all. I often have it completely quiet at home. No radio or telly. Admittedly I can hear street noises but that doesn’t bother me so much. But I can’t bear crowds either… and so I do think Pam is right… anything that causes ‘brain overload’ is unbearable. Sitting round in a group of people all chatting does my head in. I think with MS we really have to live as quietly as possible. Pat xx

Ditto! Same problem, when my dogs decide to bark or my cockatoo decides to squark, it frazzles and stresses me big time! I used to love the radio but I have suddenly noticed that recently I haven’t put it on for several weeks…I just so love the quiet! I thought it was something that must apply to all of us (with MS that is) but my nurse commented last time I saw her that I often make remarks about noise! Comes to something when she can recall more about what I have said to her over the years than I can! Apparently it isn’t something we all suffer from…she says I am her only patient that has ever mentioned it! Also noticed that my husband is getting hard of hearing…age I suspect and the fact that he used to work for an ammunition company…he, of course, says his hearing is perfect! But goodness, I love it if he goes to bed first and I can turn down the television! Nina x

Kindle for me CP

I cant grasp and turn the pages it all goes wrong as for reading I dont read anywhere as mmuch as I used to and cant read as long concentration is craap now


Thank you so much for your comments on noises and hearing sensitivity. I really thought I was going mad! Certain pitches go right through me and echo in my head like my friend’s Jack Russell barking or children screaming. I’m not too bad if there’s just one thing on like the tv or radio but anything with it messes me up.

I feel so much better now knowing it’s not just me. Thanks again.

Cath xx

My hubby took me into town at the beginning of this week, as I wanted to buy a cotton skirt. We went into a ladies clothes shop, and admittedly it was busy, but the music was so loud, I could not stand it and left.

Quite sad really, because years ago I would have been in my element in the middle of it, but not now. Its all these little things that can make life harder, and people who don’t have ms, just don’t understand, but then why would they, yet again it’s an invisible problem.

I tried another shop, but trying to find a cotton skirt that’s longer than a pelmet, is like trying to get blood out of a stone.

Pam x

Hi everyone. OMG!! I really thought I was going mad too. I work in a really small office within a supermarket and I hate it when I have to go on the shop floor for anything. The noise!! It’s awful. Kids screaming, the hum of chatter, the radio blaring. I just want to turn tail and run ( well stagger ) back into the peace and quiet of the office. It was the same at that party I was at. The noise of the disco and people trying to talk to me. I thought I was turning into a grumpy old lady. Well now I can blame the ms. Mags xx

I find it’s sudden loud noise that really shakes me, as well as continual row. Ridiculous really when I think of the sound levels we used to have on stage sometimes, I loved it! The noise that really gets me now is when I’ve just climbed onto the car, Ruth puts my chair in the boot and slams the hatch. It’s like a bomb going off and really hurts.