What is this..

Do you know those moments when the noise is too much and people are talking to you and you’re struggling to keep up? When everything is just a little harder and you feel unplugged. When people say are you okay you don’t look it? Clumsy as well nearly broke my line managers back earlier I lost my balance a little and pushed her chair into the desk with her on it. She was okay thank fully. Just a bad day. Then people ask can you drive. YES. I’m not out of it it’s just I feel a hundred miles away. Yes sometimes I struggle to keep up with conversation or remember something or even find the right word. I try really hard to hide my ms and I do so well most of the time. . I’m worried working with me is hard work because I need a little more patience. I do things really well honest but I just take a bit more time or I need to write things down. Sorry all just wanted to be around people that know what I’m trying to say because I’m pretty sure I am normal after all just ms normal. I’m sitting in the garden with the wind chimes needed the quiet

ah flutterby butterfly

i know what you mean about random noise.

the worst thing for me are young children letting rip and their mums who think everyone else should vacate the premises.

as a former nursery teacher it feels so wrong to feel like this.

my lovely consultant understands and he described it as sensory overload.

i love having a phrase to describe it.

wind chimes in the garden sounds lovely.

Big hugs, yes I get it.

I can’t cope with noise. I need to concentrate on what I’m doing.

Bless you FB. You are doing well with having a job and managing it in spite of MS.

You’ll be OK.

Get some rest this weekend. Enjoy the wind chimes.

Sue x

When did they turn public libraries into crèches?

Thank you all !

I knew you’d get it !

Honestly I have breathed a sigh of relief, sensory overload is exactly what it is!

Never feel alone with you all here x

Your never alone sweetheart I can cope with Heavy rock, it’s peoples jabbering I can’t, stick to Death Metal babes, you wouldn’t believe the noise it drowns out! xxxxx

my son plays his guitar inn the house.

right now he’s doing black sabbath, paranoid.

like tracey DC i love it.

as long as it’s not a constant jabbering.


I find noise is a real problem like you I find it hard to keep up with conversations. Its even worse when my Sister-in-law and husband come round and talk so loudly in Portuguese they talk so fast . I never get what there on about one of them doesn’t speak English. Some times I just say excuse me and disappear to some where quiet. Listen to some relaxing meditation music.

Kielyn x

Thanks kielyn it’s amazing what we can and can’t do. The wonders if the brain never cease x

I was trying to explain something earlier to my husband in the car. I had to switch the radio off (it’s OK, it was some crappy pop ‘music’, if it had been good, I’d have just waited till the song was over!), then I could explain myself. Then turned the radio back on.

Concentrating on one thing at a time is the key for me. Even walking is a separate activity.


Ssue that’s exactly what it is like! I struggle with telly and conversation. I did chuckle though at your post just in case on the off chance Mr Ssue was enjoying the song!! X

I’m not sure what’s worse sensitive to light or noise. My boss asked me yesterday if I knew what planet I was on ,I replied I’m just on auto pilot, if she only knew the truth.( undiagnosed )