People fatigue!!!

Is it just me being a little weird or does anyone have this? I have found that if I am in a noisy environment or with other folk where it’s busy after a while I just have to get home. It’s as if my brain can only put up with a certain amount of hustle and bustle. I am happiest when I’m just pottering around at home with my dogs. Don’t get me wrong it’s not that I don’t like people but they make my head hurt! When people ask me if I ever get bored at home, I say no and then they look at me like I’m from he planet Zog !!! Please tell me there are others on here that feel similar :slight_smile:

Exactly the same for me. Xx

Same for me too! Teresa xx

Thank you!!! I’m sorry you feel the same but most reassured you do! If that makes sense! Xx

I get the same too, i call it sensory overload. Everything is too loud/fast/bright etc… Can’t stand busy places anymore.


I’m so glad I posted this, makes me feel a lot better knowing I’m not alone xx

Oh, sorry - looks like I picked the wrong half of a duplicate post to answer. Everyone else went for the other one.



The worst (and I apologise in advance for saying this out loud) is small children. And I love kids. Used to really look forward to spending fun time with my friends toddlers and when hubby became a grandad for the first time, I thrived on it. Now I just can’t cope with the noise, the demands, the energy. And I really, really don’t like admitting it. :(( Xx


I’m exactly the same. I go fussy headed and wobbly any time I’m somewhere with a lot going on, even more when there are a few people all talking at once. I have been know to just sort of switch off and go in a daze, staring into the distance.




Glad that you posted this.

In days gone by i was the life and soul of the party.

Now i am lucky if i can string a couple of sentance together,dont like more than 4 people in my company,sad but true,in a funny way i am glad i am not alone in this.

Hope that makes some kind of sence.

Take Care all,


Your certainley not alone, I’m the same too, totally wears me out, even too many people coming to my home washes me out especially the neices :frowning: sucks dosen’t it x

My 18yo and 16yo come in nice and peacefully from college but the 14yo and 8yo are bursting with energy and noise. Within minutes I have had enough! Teresa xx

I too get this. Too much noise and I just cannot cope, although I still enjoy music to the max :slight_smile: My son is 7 and he is really chatty which I love but at times it causes overload and I can’t handle it. Then I feel awful for thinking it :(( Sam x

Mum’s with MS have my absolute, total and unreserved admiration. :)) Xx

Me too! it’s sensory overload and our inability to multitask so when too much is going on and/or things are moving too fast around us, our wee damaged brain pathways can’t keep up or cope and we just need to get out of the situation.

When it happens to me, I just tell my husband that “I need to stop the bus as I want to get off” and he understands!



I am so glad to see this post. Not glad for the way you all feel in company, but glad that it is not just me. I just can’t stand being with people. Any people really and it is getting worse.

Friends and family think I am really horrible and unsociable but I just can’t deal with any kind of get together, whether it be at my own home, someone elses home or on neutral territory. I am becoming such a recluse. I just love my own company and I too, don’t get bored with being at home (on my own) especially lol.

Best wishes

Dawn x

What a relief to know others feel like this too. It really makes me fatigued and floppy if there are too many noisy folks around and concentrating becomes impossible. Also sometimes if I’m in a new cafe or restaurant for the first time and it’s noisy or bright or echoing I have to leave, it’s like my brain goes goey and I just can’t function.

Wow, thank you so much for all responding, I can relate to all of it and its so very reassuring to know that there are others out there who know exactly what I’m talking about xx

I used to be a right ole party animal, but really just cannot be bothered anymore.

I just know that by late evening my head is going to start swimming and be struggling to keep my eyes open.

Can even feel like this during daytime too, so socialising is just too much effort and risky now.

I’ve nodded off a few times whilst attempting to listen and join in converstaions. MOST embarrasing.

The one time I would like company though is when I never get it…whilst out hill walking.

It’s funny how your life can change isn’t it, like you I used to be chatty and bouncing around everywhere, now I find 3 people a bit of a struggle for any length of time, it’s a shame we don’t all live closer then we could all go out and sit in silence, a fab nite out :slight_smile: