People fatigue!!!

Is it just me being a little weird or does anyone have this? I have found that if I am in a noisy environment or with other folk where it’s busy after a while I just have to get home. It’s as if my brain can only put up with a certain amount of hustle and bustle. I am happiest when I’m just pottering around at home with my dogs. Don’t get me wrong it’s not that I don’t like people but they make my head hurt! When people ask me if I ever get bored at home, I say no and then they look at me like I’m from he planet Zog !!! Please tell me there are others on here that feel similar :slight_smile:

Hi, I get very tired in crowds. I suspect it’s partly the physical effort of having to constantly dodge people, but I find it tiring in a sensory way, as well.

In fact, as I live alone, I find even an extended visit from just one other person gets tiring.

A few months ago, a friend came round and did ALL the housework, because I just wasn’t coping. I should have been delighted, and I was, in a way, but by the end, I was just praying for her to go, because she didn’t realise how little I can cope with at once.

Obviously, I didn’t feel I could just stand there and let her to everything, so I was trying to to the light stuff like dusting, as well as keeping her constantly supplied with coffee, and having to keep up my side of the conversation as well. Then she kept pestering me with questions like: “Where does this go?” - picking up some random thing. I know it’s not an unreasonable question, if you’re one of those people who has a place for everything, and everything in its place. But if you’re not, the question is flummoxing.

“I don’t know… Er…Wherever you can find a place?”

I also caught her on the point of throwing out a lot of very expensive perfume, because she’d imagined they were free department store samples, in the little vials. In fact, they were niche and rare perfumes I’d ordered specially from the States (hence the tiny quantities).

After three hours of this, I was really dropping, and she couldn’t see I’d had enough. It’s hard to explain to anyone why YOU are knackered, when they’ve been doing all the work, and you’ve just talked and made coffee.



Hi Tina , I’m right there with you, it’s so difficult when folks try and help but just end up making you feel more rubbish. I’ve recently tried to streamline my house so I just have the essentials about, seems to make it easier for me, as it keeps my head a bit clearer and it means I finally have a place for everything. I find I’m becoming more of a recluse every passing week!