Feeling drunk and detached

Does anybody else feel completely detached from the real world ? Thinking about even a simple task worries you and seems so difficult ?

i used to do so much without even thinking , now I have to think before I can even carry out the simplest task .

its worrying and frustrating , feel like giving up .

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It is like being a child again your so right having to plan and think how you can manage to do the simplest things,it has taken me 30 mins to hang 3 T-shirts and a pair of pants on the washing line hanging on to my zimmer frame and the washing line to keep my balance and resting between each item but the sun is shinning and miss blackbird has just come to see me and say hello and now the cat wonts feeding (no hes not getting miss blackbird) so i suppose we just have to manage things as best we can and try not to dwell on what life has thrown at us and be thankful our friends and family still love us whatever.

Take care Katy

hi gaz, anon and katy

you sum up what we all think of our lives with ms.

my theory is that fatigue is the result of too much thinking - should i bother going out? how will i get there? do i REALLY need to wash my hair? shall i call it off and go back to bed? it was a damn sight easier thinking when i was doing my degree but then again i didnt have scars on my poor little brain then.

aw poor ickle brain!

i wish i had a garden because i love nature and the outdoors.

nowadays all i can manage is to sit in a cafe overlooking the reservoir and for a special treat sit on the benches outside.

anyway - be happy with what you have is my motto.

carole x

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Hi unfortunately this is how life with a chronic condition is…no wonder we can feel constantly knackered, when just doing what used to be the simplest of things, is now a major task.

Going out takes planning, a rest beforehand, carting spares with us, and who knows what else.

Please dont give up…take some time out maybe eh? And get lots of tlc if poss, my friend.


It would be nice to be able to not think about m.s for one day and to be able to smile , but every symptom from the dizziness and blurry vision , fatigue and wobbles and confusion constantly remind us of this awful disease and the challenge of remembering the Mariad of supplements every day test memory … Oh joy … Any advice ?

I hear you Gaz, the Groundhog Day of endless shuffling about, creaking and grabbing any nearby fixed item that ms is, oh what to do, and endless planning of the smallest thing - I have a piece of paper on the floor that needs picking up, and has been there some tine, but the effort getting there and trying to pick it up and then getting to the bin…

find something that makes you laugh, find somebody who will listen to you and you listen to them, because so many people have something they have to deal with also. Write a list to remind you of the myriad of medication or count, or give yourself a little reward for a little thing. It has to be done and and don’t think ms just think I need to do this.

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Thanks for your reply slug , everyday is a challenge :wink: , nice to know we are together here .

it’s time there was hope for a cure!

i’ve been very accepting of my lot in life but it wears me down.

we’re all with you gaz

keep on slogging away at it

carole x