Alone all day today

Hello, I’m on my own all day today. My husband has left me drinks and lunchtime sandwich etc. I’m bored now. It’s not being alone that bothers me, I’ve done the crosswords, read the newspaper, got angry at the article headed “African mum of quins let off £145k NHS bill” (now back in Africa running a successful business, driving an expensive car and children in private school) However I digress. I’m not bothered about being alone, but there are jobs need doing and I can’t do them.

The windows need cleaning inside, the garden is in need of some weeding and tidying, the loft room needs tidying, at least I suspect it does, I can’t actually get upstairs to check, the garage needs tidying and the fridge in there needs defrosting and cleaning to mention just a few.

I’m stuck here sat on my sorry a**e all day. Grrr I used to be someone who made things happen!


Its soooooooooooooo frustrating isnt it, i think a lot of us were ‘wonder woman’ before the MS,

in my head i still think i can do a lot, i keep trying though lol.

J x

Oh yes! In my head I’m younger, fitter and soooo active. Do you know I can even do cartwheels! xx

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hiya fp!

i understand your post and what u r saying but a bit of it made me laugh!

the b word (bored!) has been banned in my house for years! the kids know not to use it otherwise i will find them a job to do! by job, i dont mean something that i see needs done but anything (homework, walk, tidying room owt!) so over the years they have learned how to keep occupied without me sounding like a nag

enjoy your free day-not fretting over things you cant change!

ellie x


I’m glad you can laugh with me. I’m glad I didn’t come across as miserable, cos I’m not xx

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Hi flower!

Know exactly what you mean…

drives me nuts when I can see dust and clutter when hubby cant!


I was never ‘wonder woman’ …mind you, there was that fancy-dress party …!!!


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I appreciated that Dom !! :wink:

Totally agree. It’s so annoying. I’ve learned to live with a certain level of clutter that once would have driven me insane but nowadays… I’ve had to get beyond it. In my dreams I can’t just walk, I can run, skip, dance. Blimey dreaming can be fun!


this m.s. has a lot to answer for1

LOL sorry Dom, i forget about the men with MS at times.