Nerves on edge!

Hi I’m not dx’d, just waiting for neuro appt but the old saying about jangling nerves really seems to be true for me. Does anyone else struggle with loud noises, fuss, stressful situations etc? I used to be such a laid back person, loved playing music loud, socialising etc but I just can’t seem to handle anything other than complete calmness and with a husband, 3 children, 2 dogs, 5 guinea pigs and a full time job it’s sometimes a struggle. Even someone talking while the tv is on sets my nerves on edge, I can’t bear the car radio anything higher than barely audible and when the office gets frantic with everyone talking and the phones going I just want to crawl into a hole and stay there. I just wondered if this was something that had affected other people or if it’s just me getting old? Thanks Sarah x

If you mean sensitive hearing, like your nerves are vibrating inside your head, then I get this but have put it down to the headaches. Although I have it even without the headache but associate with it being around the onset or finish of… I think! Also not dx’d and no idea what I have at the moment but as my GP gave the ‘I think it might be this…’ Here I am.

Yep, makes me want to scream! Can’t stand noise or repetitive sounds :s xx

Hi there. Yes I’ve noticed that. Loud tv and music, my little boy who’s going through his terrible twos who makes this horrible screeching noise when he don’t get his own way lol. Stress, fuss even sometimes crowded situations. I find all these things overwhelm me completely. I know what you mean by wanting to climb into a hole and not come out as I feel at times I need to go and be on my own somewhere xxx

Yep! For the last couple of years, it took some time to realise why I would become snappy suddenly, I would shout out suddenly “Shut up” heat Also has the same affect on me.

Is this what noise sensitivity is then by any chance?

I think so Chellebelles, I do feel for you with a 2year old, they can be proper noisy lol mine are all late teens/early twenties now so still a pain, just different type of dramaramas! Still capable of noise and the occasional tantrum though. At least I can retreat to a peaceful corner with mine, not so easy with a 2 year old, I don’t like this noise sensitivity, it just makes me grumpy :0(

my neuro calls it “sensory overload”.

in a busy shopping centre i can feel quite faint.

school holidays are worse. although i love children, my ms makes it difficult.

carole x

Oh not only a two year old but but an 8 month old boy also who has just started teething! So have many tears and tantrums at the moment. Awww i do love them to bits but like I say it can be quite overwhelming at times. It’s not easy at the moment with all these symptoms and worries what we are all going through xxx