I have recently been having strange reaction to noise! I am startled by normal noise around me and it makes me feel anxious and agitated! It comes and goes but is worrying me. Anybody else experiencing this?

I have recently been experiencing a strange reaction to normal noises around me! I am jumpy and it makes me feel extremely uncomfortable, anxious and agitated! It comes on suddenly and each episode lasts for varying time. Anybody else experiencing this?

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Hi @Raynee
An abnormal reaction to noise is known as hyperacusis and can be MS related, or it could simply be anxiety.

If you are worried probably best to get it checked out with your MS nurse if you have one, or GP for further investigation. You can read more about it on this thread from 8 years ago

I hope it resolves quickly for you.

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Yes! I have been having a similar issue too! I’m glad I’m not the only one! Everytime the dog barks… even when I know he’s about too… if someone talks behind me and I don’t know they are there. Everything seems to make me jump these days. Same goes for the anxiety and agitation. It varies from day to day, hour to hour.



So sorry you are experiencing similar problems as me! It’s awful and so unpredictable. Ok one minute then suddenly everything startles me to the point I feel anxious.

Have you spoken to your ms nurse yet? I plan to at my next appointment!

Thank you. I will mention it to my neurologist at my next appointment.


I hope they have some advice or coping methods for you when you have your appointment.

No, I was only diagnosed a few weeks back so im still waiting for nurses to get in touch with me. I’m so glad I found this forum though as it’s helping me understand a bit more about what I’m facing. At the moment I feel a bit lost and in limbo.

Take care :slight_smile:

Hi, I experience a lot of anxiety and jumpiness from sudden unpredictable sounds too. You’re not alone in this.

Well welcome to this site! It is a great support with lots of information and advice from other ms sufferers!

Please feel free to ask me about anything that you are worried about.

I’ll definitely update you after my appointment.

Take care

im getting the same thing i suffer from severe anxiety but no diagnoses ms yet but im in a really bad way ive been treated so bad by my doctors I HAVE GIVEN UP ALL HOPE

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Unfortunately I did use to
see Dr and hoping he will be able to help with a good Neurologist :heart:

Good morning

Sorry to hear you too have this awful feeling going on! I’ve since seen my GP who thinks it’s because my ears are impacted. I’ve been putting drops to loosen it but still suffering with this.

Appointment with neurologist not until April but have to see what he thinks.

Will update you after my appointment.

BTW has your neurologist had any answers for you?

Take care