Are you easily startled?

Hi gang, for a few years now I’ve been SO sensitive to noise… a noisy restaurant is like being in hell and even the smallest noise around the house has me jumping out of my skin.

Not an easy thing to live with esp living next to a busy road where the police seem to turn their sirens on right outside my flat!

I was aware that it was caused by MS because I’ve read so many posts from others with it, but I now find it even has a name!

So there you go… I have Myoclonus… who knew?

Pat xx

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Hi Pat & thanks for the informative link.

I tend not to trust anything online now. Even after seeing my own problems from multiple MRI & advice from different specialists. It seems to end in even more expert diagnosis from normal healthy folk. I jokingly compare it to getting input from the window cleaner now. From Paranoid schizophrenia, HSP, dementia, lazy, etc, etc. It’s an endless list.

We with MS are all different. I know many people with MS now & circumstances are very different for each.

With regards to ESP, it seems quite normal for people with neurological issues. There’s videos on Youtube where it seems fun to spook people. Fireworks cause me problems, but hey. All us creatures are jumpy. Now I can call it Myoclonus & add that to the list for when the Hypochondriacs ask.

The best advice I’ve had is that the scientists are developing a cyborg suite.

Take care out there & listen to your own body.

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When I am in bed sometimes Heather will close a door or flick a switch and I jump out of my skin. I put it down to being on the verge of going to sleep, that hinterland between reality and floating amongst the clouds. Reality is a right bug ger at times.

Don. Nite from a breezy Margate. XXX


Funny, but give it a name and I instantly feel less pathetic when I moan about noise!

Seems I too have Myoclonus!

Nina x


I’m certainly affected by noise these days. Sometimes at home I call out “turn that down it’s getting on my nerves!” - I really do mean it… It more or less makes me rigid.

To add insult to injury her indoors is getting a bit more ‘Mutt and Jeff’ and the TV in the room next door always seems too loud which she doesn’t acknowledge, so to avoid confrontation I wear headphones.

It may however be her subtle way of getting rid of me. ‘Murder by Mozart’ would be an intriguing title for a Colombo episode!



Pat, that is so interesting, i’m very jumpy but because my balance is so bad if i’m standing i always end up on the floor. But i find that i have what i can only describe as the shudders where an involuntary shiver goes through me and i physically jump… Molly always laughs she thinks something scared me, but it often happens for no reason.

Michelle x

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Hi Pat how you doing l feel my ears are so sensitive to anything l keep turning the tv down hubby then says its to low. l thought it was something to do with the operation to remove the tumour that had done it. l will now tell the MS nurse when l see them next regards to all keep warm Jan xxxx

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I’ve never had a nervous disposition, until about 3 years ago. Now I jump at anything sudden, not just noises. It seems very irrational when compared to what I believe my state of mind is at that point. I put it down to yet another weird symptom.

i wonder if anything can be done to tackle it? If it’s a prescription drug, I’ll pass.

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So that’s what it is! I have found myself unusually startled recently. In October I was in restaurant with a group of friends I have known for 25 years. As I pulled my chair forward towards the table I trapped my fingers on both hands between the leg joints and the seat.This caught the flesh and broke the skin.

Angrily I demanded to see the manager. Unfortunately when he arrived he was very dismissive of the blood on both hands and without an apology said he would get a plaster. I exploded! I lunged at him in an attempt to smear the blood on his shirt but he was too fast for me. I never got the plaster. The following morning I received the following email.

"Your verbal and physical abuse to a member of the staff at restaurant yesterday evening was disgraceful, inexcusable and intolerable. I gave our sincere apologies to the gentleman involved and felt extremely embarrassed in having to do so.

I have to advise you that we shall no longer be inviting you to join our meetings."

It’s at times like these you find out who your real friends are. They all know I have PPMS but none of them has stood up in my defence. I’ll miss this pile of **** like a hole in the head; and I’ve told them so.

Thanks Pat. I’ve been easily startled too for ages and although I knew it was common I didn’t know much more. My hearing becomes almost highly sensitive at times and I can hear every noise - the fridge, every clock, the dog breathing etc and any loud noise seems to echo in my head, almost as if I’ve got hearing aids in and turned up high. It drives me mad and all I can do is listen to an audio book through headphones so all other sounds are cancelled out except for one voice talking to me. It really helps.

Take care

Cath x

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