What is this?

does this happen to anybody? Today something weird and scary happened, on right side of my head behind ear like a machine zapping noise, and that side was kind of unconscious, like i wasnt fully there when it happened. its made me a bit weak now, but i think its more that it scared me i started to panic.

What is this? i’ve had mini shorter versions of it in the past, or something zapping thru my head and going thru the other side like an electric shock, but this one seemed to be longer so frightened me.

Is it an MS symptom? Any replies would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

It might well be a symptom as MS can be very strange at times. I have learnt not to panic (usually) as it can make things worse I’m afraid.


Hi, give your MS nurse a ring.

I sometimes get the sound of a pneumatic drill in my left ear. Have put it down to a form of pulsating tinnitus.

Doesn’t last long but the there is a high pitched whinning sound then all over.

Have looked it up and is probably my inner ear going into spasm - so MS related then!! (as is most things)

Good luck, Jen xx