Scary noise in head

Hello, I have had a horrible rushing noise in my ears/head for several nights now either when waking up or when trying to sleep. My ears feel a little muffled the rest of the time. Could this be attributed to MS? I do have a pacemaker fitted as my “wiring” is a little screwy in my heart so I’m worried my heart condition has progressed too!

I have SPMS and have also recently gained weight, so trying hard to battle that too. I just would like to hear from anyone with similar symptoms

Yep sat here now writing this listing to the rushing noise in my ears and head on and on and on, so loud it makes my hearing poor, and yes muffled. Its tinnitus i believe although mine is more rushing sound then a ringing in the ears. Sometimes it includes the difficulty for me to discriminate speech against a noisy background its very odd.

I get it when i am really tired or stressed or having a UTI. If your worried please ask you MS nurse about it. xxx

No expert here but I believe the sound could be a result of turbulent blood flow in a blood vessel close to your ear. If something is causing turbulent flow then I think it ought to be checked out.

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Thanks for your help and advice Goldengirl63 & mrbobowen, I did wonder about a different type of Tinnitus as I’ve been having that for several years, but as you say might be best to get it checked out as could be something serious or then again could be nothing. It’s nice to have your support, Thanks again

hI judyG1 another noise i get sometimes just before I fall asleep its sounds like a large metal bang it dont half make me jump lol.x xx

Ha ha! I must admit I hear weird noises at night but blame it on the meds usually!!

LOL, we could start our own musical band he he. xx