Ringing in the ears

I have had loud ringing and ‘whooshing’ noises in both ears for over a year now, day and night. When I spoke to my MY nurse about it she said what she always says - something along the lines of ‘Oh really? That’s not something I have encountered before better speak to your GP’ I do get that not everything we get can be attributed to MS but with this nurse, it truly feels like there is zero point running anything past her. Contrary to what she says, I have seen this issue cited in many places as one of the symptoms of MS (!)

Anyway,that grumble aside, I did visit the GP who conducted a pretty thorough physical exam and concluded that there was no obvious reason for the noises so I need to get back to the MS Nurse.

My questions are has anyone else a) suffered with this and more importantly b) is anyone aware of medication that might either cause it or treat it?


yep, I get this.

One of the GP’s at my surgery says it can be common with MS, yet my MS nurse also said he’d not heard of this ?

I’ve a few odd hearing issues.

When I walk on hard surfaces with shoes/slippers I get a “thumping” sound as each step hits the floor, yet wth shoes/slippers on I dont hear it.

I also get a “fluttering” sound in my left ear, like a small moth or something fluttering inside the ear.

This only lasts a few seconds, but can happen every few hours.

Ringing like tinnitus is another one, in fact I have that right now !!!

I’ve had my ears tested and syringed but nothing was found .

It was then that another GP mentioned that some people with MS get odd things going on with their hearing.

I’ve even had a scan, cant remember if it was a CT or MRI, to check for anything nasty in the head/ears, as apparently you can get nasty growths within the head/ears, but the scans were clear, thankfully.


I can hear my heartbeat in my right ear sometimes. Pulsatile tinnitus

Thought it was an MS symptom


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Some bloody neuros are daft.

How can they not be aware of the mean trick that our CNS can play all manner of mean tricks on us?

Just because they don’t have MS themselves doesn’t mean that our symptoms aren’t real.

My own neuro is lovely although I never get to see him these days.

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Thank you x

Yes, very annoying!

its common with MS i get it when i am tired, stressed and overheated, its called TINNITUS. why would your nurse not know this.

lots of people without MS GET it too, but it can be with MS. it drives me nuts when it goes on one lol. ringing whoosing, whistling.

ALSO when you wash your hair wear ear plugs as water getting into your ear can cause pressure and make this worse.

SACK your MS nurse lol. there is nothing you can do for tinnitus. i just try and ignore it. and if its load i take my temp, and also turn down the heating.

I definitely have tinnitus, a constant high pitched whine in both ears I would describe it as, and I’ve had it now for at least 2 or 3 years. I’ve mentioned it to ms nurse - no response… My theory is that it is my overactive thyroid which has only been dx in the last 2-3 years more probably, but I don’t fancy my chances of getting it proved one way or another!

Good luck! Elaine

I have RRMS and for last four years have been having issues with my ears. Full feeling, tinnitus which feels like a blowing sensation in my left ear and hearing loss which lasts a while and then improves again. I have had investigations by ENT who thinks it could be Menieres Disease although the two main symptoms of that I don’t have ie vertigo and dizziness. I spoke to my neuro and MS nurse about it and neither think it could be an MS thing. Neuro said Ears are not affected by MS !!!

I am on Tecfidera and these issues began a few months after starting this medication, wondering if this could have something to do with it. Have moved house so when I get to see my new Neuro team I am going to question them. It is so annoying and has caused me more grief than any other MS related symptom

Have had tinnitus for years, my neuro said it is common amongst those of us lucky enough to have MS

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just google TINNITUS and MS. first on top of the google search…Hearing problems | MS Trust

wow then send it to your MS nurse and neuro lol.

Hello. I have had ringing in my left ear for about a year. Which doctor should I go to for tinnitus? Which doctor did you consult and what treatments were used? Thank you.