ringing in ear/head

Help,the ringing in my ear/head is driving me bats…is this a ms symptom,should i add this to my long list,should i tell the doc,how do i make it stop,feels like i’m going mad

Mention it to your doctor: if you’re keeping a symptom diary, record it in there. I have a high-pitched noise in my right ear most of the time and I haven’t found any way to make it stop. I don’t notice it when there is background noise or I’m listening to something - someone talking, the radio or TV, music, whatever if it’s quiet around me I notice it.

Sorry I can’t be more help.

Me too! My left ear. It was both ears, the doctor gave me ear drops…twice, still left with it in my left ear :s I’ve heard some folks with MS get ringing ears. I’ve got to get it sorted, but it’s just lower on the list :s

Of course, it could also be tinnitus unrelated to MS, in which case we might have to learn to live with it. Worth mentioning to the doctor but he may not be able to do anything about it.

I have horrid tinnitus and have had it since 1997-ish.

I was told to just ‘live with it’ and learn to ignore the noises.

I’ve got tinnitus too and just learned to live with it. I was a victim of some idiot gp in the 70’s, syringing my ears. In the days of my innocents when I trusted all doctors Lol.

Hi Anonymous

Along with other symptoms, I have mild bilateral hearing loss, tinnitus and balance problems. These all started some years ago, leading me to consult my GP who immediately referred me to an audiologist who, in turn, referred me to a neurologist. This led, eventually, to a diagnosis of MS. (And that’s cutting a long story short!).

In addition to my other treatments, I now wear hearing aids. Correcting the hearing loss does seem to have reduced my awareness of the tinnitus, although I should add that, over time, I do seem to have just got used to it.

Audiology have also offered me ‘white noise’ to further lessen my awareness of the tinnitus, however, I haven’t tried that yet.

So do tell your doctors, it may be important, and there are treatments.


Hi Anonymous,

I’ve also got tinnitus in both ears and I’m slightly deaf in both ears also. I wear 2 hearing aids that are giving 4db of white noise in the right ear and 3 dba in the left.

I also have a noise generator in my bedroom this combats the tinnitus 24 hours of the day and it is working.


I had this for a few weeks earlier in the year, it went away on it’s own, I’d put this down to MS but forgot to tell my neuro. After reading what some of you are going through I hope it doesn’t return.

Hi ghd,

I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for you.


Hi ghd,

I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for you.


Yep, I have a constant whooshing/ringing sound in both ears (kind of like when you go from a very noisy room into a quiet one). I will also occasionally get high-pitched ringing in both ears, too, and if I turn my head to one side I sometimes get a rumbling/buzzing sound in my left ear.

This isn’t very intrusive, however, and is only really noticable when I am in a very quiet room. I had my hearing tested recently and it was perfect.

Not sure if it’s connected, but I also have major balance issues.

I, too, was unaware that this can be a symptom of MS.


I’ve had simultaneous low pitched buzz and high pitched ringing/swooshing for a few days now. Also had optic neuritis for over a month (whch led to MRI & my being given an 80% chance of developing MS). Also lots of other niggling symptoms. Ihave to say the hearing thing is far worse than anythng else (including the shock of the ‘semi-diagnosis’) over the last few weeks - it’s driving me completely mad & I’m terrified it’s not going to stop!!!

Thanks for sharing,


thats what i’m like rebecca,makes you think ye going nutty,its hard enough dealing with all the other weird stuff going on with having this constant ringing in ye ear

Waiting on diagnosis, I’ve had all the tests so shouldn’t be long but can any one offer advice for the constant buzzing in my head 24/7 never stops, very annoying

I think what you’ve actually got is called tinnitus it’s a lot of noise that you hear over and above what you normally hear like washing machines and hair dryers and buzzes this makes it very difficult to hear normally. My mum has had it for years, you should go to see the GP and tell them about it. My mum doesn’t take anything for it, I don’t know if you can take anything. I hope this helps. Kay