Hi everyone, hope everyone is doing ok on this lovely Sunday. Who has or knows about tinnitus? Rachael has a water crashing sound in her right ear, when she turns her head to the right the noise goes but when she turns it back round to the front it comes back and gets louder the further she turns her head. She also has pain running from ear down her neck and feels sick. Is this a “normal” thing with MS or is it something different? Linda x

I get the water noise in my ears when I have a cold - ears, nose, throat are all linked - could it be a sinus infection perhaps. When I get this I can sometimes feel dizzy - well more dizzy than normal.

Get Rachael checked for for a sinus or ear infection hun.

Take care both of you

JBK xx

Thanks JBK, will do. She was saying she felt a wee bit ill, not MS related just that she felt she had a virus. Will do that tomorrow. Linda x

Yeh, I would let the GP see if she has a build up of wax, or an infection.

But if it does turn out to be tinnitus, it can be helped by a special pillow which makes pleasant noises to help her sleep.

luv Pollx

Hi Lindylou, I’ve got MS-related tinnitus (not as uncommon as you might think) but have to say it is nothing like what you describe. It is constant high-pitched noise that doesn’t change when I move my head and there is absolutely no pain.

What you describe sounds much more like an infection or something else going on.

Suggest she calls GP tomorrow and gets appointment… she should get it seen to asap.

Pat x