Revving Sound in my head.

Hello everyone...

I have an annoying noise in my head.I went to bed last night and every time I used a facial muscle I got this revving car sound in my head,it feels loud.If I blinked or closed my eyes it happened.Smiled or yawned.

Ive still got it today but not so loud in my head.

Its a revving noise with a vibration through my head.

Is this MS symptom or am I just gone completely crazy and should see a shrink?



Im wondering if its the buzz lots of msers get?  Sometimes I can feel a whoosh of blood rushing through any part of my body.  Maybe the revving sound is that?


If it doesnt help hope someone else can point out what it might be, but we sure get some weird symptoms.


Best wishes



hi charlie

yes yes yes !!!!!!!

finnaly someone gets it tooooooo

lol i have had this for years it only happens when i clench my teeth, screw my eyes up,or tighten my face muscles,or yawn

yes its like a buzzing or reving and vibrating all in one.

dont know if its ms related or not but so glad im not going mad ?? or are we both mad lol

regards mick x

Thankyou yawn and OMG Mick you got me ,you so got me.

But if I just blink it does it but screw up my eyes its buzzing away like crazy or swollow hard it does it.

It only started last night or maybe it happened before and it was gentle I didnt notice it.

See family I am NOT the mad woman you think I am,ohh ok I am a little or a lot crazy hehehe.

Im so glad Im not alone with this but eesshhhh it is loud and annoying and yes a vibration.

Ahh thanks .



Hi, I get this sort of thing in my left ear only - my ms nurse said it is something called pulsatile tinnitis (?) . It’s worse when in bed and other times when quiet. I never have the feeling in my right ear so it’s probably down to where a lesion is! MS is great (not!). Yet another symptom to put up with x

Thankyou LB.

Yes it is worse at night,I went to bed and I didnt even blink and it was happening,its keeping me awake.

I am also nearly deaf in the left ear and have been for over 20 years,I cannot understand normal sounds and in a room with many people talking I cannot hear the whole conversation,its just blah blah to me.

BUT some sounds like an electric childs scooter causes me ears to hurt and gives me terrible headaches.A car horn realy irritates my brain and a car alarm is like a screach in my head.

Ahh you guys are awesome.