Whooshing in Ear

Hi everyone

Hope you are all having one of our good days.

I had a really weird whooshing sound in my ear this morning. Only lasted about 10 seconds but was really odd. Never had it before. Anyone else had this?

Shazzie xx

Nope but hope you’re not getting an infection or anything :frowning:

Take care
Sonia x

Thanks Sonia

Well I’m still on antibiotics for th last infection. Hope I don’t get anything else.

I was just thinking I was putting dishes away when it happened and I bent down to pick something up then stood up and that’s when it happened. I bet it was that that did it. Fingers crossed eh!!

Thanks for replying Sonia. Hope you are ok.

Shazzie xx

Thanks Jen.

It’s a weird feeling isn’t it?

Hope you are ok.

Shazzie xx


yep-me! only in the left tho. its kinda hard to describe tho…sometimes its a whoosh, sometimes like something is stuck in it.

ellie x

ps i have had it 2 years-its annoying but hope urs settles soon

It’s nice to know it’s not only me.

Thanks Chocorange

Shazzie xx

Hi Shazzie,

I only get that sensation when either

A) there is actually something whoosing in my ear i.e. after a swim or

  1. I have a cold and the wee tube between my nose and ear gets blocked.

Hows your balance, an ear infection can set that off a bit too.

Hope it goes away and the anti-biotics work ok.

Take care hun

JBK xx

i’ve had it and its quite noisey itshorrible, its just my left ear,they cant find anything,poor you i hope it goes soon. I wanted to see the ear nose and throat specialist as my neurologist said it wasnto do with ms. the neuro wrote to the doctor to say to see the ent person but the doctor hasntdone anything about it, despite me asking her. :frowning: do you know what i should i do? apparentleyhearing symptoms are very very rare with MS,is that right does anyone agree with this?!!

oh val-u just made me laugh! longer than 2 years?! i know u were referring to ur ear-i hope!

its very stange-no infection, nothing to see (thats dr-not me!)

but am assuming that ms is full of altered sensations so why not the ear?

ellie x

Hi, I sometimes get noises in my left ear. Either sounds like my pulse, or a whooshing noise as described.

Tried to look it up a few years ago and somewhere it said it might be the tiny muscles in your inner or middle ear going into spasm - so could be MS related. Google it - someone made comments on 13th May on this website - search ‘ticking in ears’.

Doesn’t hurt just strange.

Jen xx (there are two Jens now!! - a rat and a polar bear)

Yeah, I get that with cold’s and sinus infections and even if I’m just a bit snuffly. then it’ll happen too

I have got rubbish sinuses tho (and my MRI backed that up lol!) so that’s what came to mind first. To try to clear mine I have ALWAYS got Olbas oil and I hold my nose and blow very gently and that’ll make my ears pop :wink:

Shazzie, yes I’m ok, refusing to go quietly! :wink:

Sonia xx


I’ve always got bad balance so I can’t tell if it is worse to be honest.

Just have to wait and see if it goes I suppose.

Val and Goldrat

Sorry you’ve got it too.

It does make you wonder if it is MS related. If it can affect our eyes then why not our ears? When I see my neuro he always asks me how my hearing is. Makes you wonder if he knows something I don’t know.

Thanks for replying. It does help knowing I am not on my own.

Shazzie xx

I get this feeling quite often it’s not pleasant at all, sometimes it lasts for days and others just a couple of minutes. Happens in both ears but fortunately not at the same time. My balance is really bad and suffer with severe dizziness regularly, they did every test possible on my ears and couldn’t find anything wrong so have put it down to the MS Barney

Thanks Barney,

I’m beginning to think it is the MS.
Sorry you are suffering too.

Shazzie xx

MS or germs, hope your ears behave themselves soon, regardless of cause

Sonia x

I get all sorts of weird noises in my ears at random times. I have rhinitis and if I’m particularly bunged up or when I have a cold then I get whooshing, whistling, high-pitched buzzing and popping noises. Sometimes I put subtitles on TV just to keep up with the plot on my favourite programmes, ha ha!

I’ve never mentioned it to my GP as it doesn’t last for long and I’ve been checked for ear infections in the past when they have hurt and there’s never anything there. My GP usually makes me feel like an idiot so I don’t bother him with much these days. [The only time he took me seriously was with my first MS symptoms which is when I would’ve liked him to tell me it was stress and send me away again :frowning: ]

Sometimes the noise in my ears helps me to get to sleep as I don’t drop off very well if it is too quiet, it seems odd when it’s really quiet. Isn’t it strange what you get used to?