Whooshing sound in right ear

I have a whooshing sound in my ear, which seems in time with my heartbeat. It started today. I do have a bit of a cold ( nothing bad, just a sniffle really) but it is starting to worry me now. Does anyone know wether it is a cold symptom or a MS symptom.? Thanks xx

Yes, I think Rebecca has answered your question, it sounds more like a cold thing than anything else - if it persists for more than a week, prob go to see your GP and have the ear looked at

Luisa x

hi,this happens to me a lot. I have terrible sinus problems, and this always happens when I am bunged up. I don't think its an MS problem (at least in my case)

Lynne x

Would second what Rebecca said, re the olive oil, to soften any wax. But don’t put anything in your ear to try and move it.

Advice from my Doctor, the only thing that you should ever stick into your ear is your elbow, try it.

It may be worth popping into your Doctors and getting the practice nurse to have a look.

Take care.

Chris R.

I. El. (Eng). (Rtd).

Thanks for all of your answers. It is back to normal now.
Its hard work this MS thing, deciding what and is not MS related…I am starting to feel a bit of a drama queen…sigh… Lol x

Like veryone else has said probably due to cold but pulsatile tinnitus can infact be a part of MS! May be worth mentioning to neuro next time you see them/ make a note if it happens again -x-