What is this whistling in my ears??

I get this horrible high pitched whistle and its like the affected ear is deaf for a few seconds… feels weird. Happens quite a few times during the day and nothing I can think of brings it on. Had it for ages really, but just wondered if its to do with ms-like symptoms or if its just me falling to pieces :smiley: xx

Hi pm64, I have tinnitus (high pitched noise in both ears, most noticeable when in bed and it’s quiet) and occasionally get this so I thought it was related. Thought it was just me falling to pieces (& payback for the days of disco, lol).

Hi PM, it’s possibly tinnitus… I have it and it is thought to be my MS causing it… however lots of people without MS get it as well. The fact that yours comes and goes makes me think it’s probably NOT tinnitus, as it’s usually continual.

You should see your GP. There are lots of reasons why you might be getting it (and could be a simple as wax in the ear that the GP can remove).

GP can also refer you to audiologist or ENT (ear, nose & throat) to see what’s causing it.

You should get it seen to as might be something easily treated but if left without treatment could get worse.

Pat x