Tinnitus - new relapse???

This has been a topic but not discussed for 3 years
I have been suffering from Tinnitus in both ears continuously for over 2 months now.

It is high pitched continuous 24/7

I wanted to ask - has anyone else come across this?
I am seeing my GP, yes in the flesh GP on tuesday and my nurse is wanting the radiographer to look at my next MRI scan

But if you have what solution have you found to ease it and
does it ever go away

I am wondering now if this could be my first relapse

My treatment is Ocrevus and my nurse has said there is no recognised side effects of Tinnitus from Ocrevus

thanks Rachel

Hello Rachel , I wasn’t quite sure from your message if you have ms or whether you are being investigated for it ?
Tinnitus is a problem some msers do experience, I have ms and I occasionally get a slight whistling sound coming from my left ear but thankfully it’s really mild and only lasts a few seconds at any one time . I hope you can get some medical treatment that will help you with this , I can imagine this must be very annoying & frustrating problem.
I hope other people who are experiencing this leave you a message.
Sorry I couldn’t be of any more help , just thought I’d reply as I’ve noticed no one else has.

Dear Silver Queen

thanks for the response yes I do have MS it will be three years in November since diagnosis so I am wondering if it is as I said “my first relapse”

Thanks again

I GET terrible tinnitus after a shower. it turns out its down to pressure from ear wax and water getting behind. even if i plug my ears. The noise drives me crazy but after about a week of using oil and jiggling my ears it seems to go lol. I have no idea if that is the cause but weirdly it works for me. its worse if i am warm or tired. x i would discuss with GP you might need an ear cleanse better to eliminate the obvious first fingers crossed. xxx

I’ve had pretty loud tinnitus since the start of this year, which is when a lot of other symptoms started up - it can almost match / follow the intensity of them.

Not been diagnosed yet, but recently spent a week in hospital due to being unable to walk. Unfortunately, the hospital just concentrated on the legs and not the other symptoms, so still have to wait for my neurologists appointment in 2 weeks time.

I tend to get episodes of really intense whistling for a little while in either ear and then I’m deaf in that ear for a bit and the hearing then comes back very slowly and not always to the same level as before. All whilst the hissing/ whistling tinnitus is still going on.

I’ve definitely got a hearing imbalance now as one ear is quieter (mainly the one I get the most deafness episodes), but up until this year, I’ve had almost perfect hearing - too sensitive according to my wife, although a lot of that is just noise sensitivity that has arisen at the same time.

Anyone else get the deafness episodes?

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Thanks for your comments i am keeping a diary. I have not used headphones for a week as i was hoping that might have had something to do with it as i use them for work but it hasnt subsided I have my face to face with the doctor on tuesday so will keep you posted

all the best

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good luck hun. yes i stopped using ear phones years ago as they gave me earache.

i think its best to eliminate obvious first if its not down to ear wax etc, then you have a clear idea what else it could be. xxxx

yes without doubt when my tinnitus is worse after it kind of goes quiet my hearing goes on holiday.

Thank you, Crazy_Chick!

It’s something that has been happening more and more frequently, so another thing to add to my list for my appointment.

Hi all so my GP said there is no obstruction and is sending me for an audiology appointment - so ill go to boots and get one becuase he said the chances of me getting an appt on the NHS soon is unlikely - all the best rachelx

brilliant so now you have eliminated the obvious, which helps. good luck. x