Ear trouble - fluttering feeling

Hi all, I’m only a year diagnosed with rrms and I’m also 4 months post round 1 of lemtrada! Apart from the treatment being pretty tough, I’ve really felt like I’ve picked up the last month or so. However I’m having ear trouble and have been for the last couple of months - my left ear feels like it’s fluttering deep inside?!? I don’t even know how to describe it. Almost like a very quick heartbeat in my ear every so often. I’m aware some people have issues with tinnitus and I’m slightly concerned this could be a relapse? Never had issues with my ears before and to be honest I’ve thought how weird it is but just got on with it! It’s now starting to get a little annoying… I’ve also noticed my brain has got much foggier, struggle to construct full sentences very often giving up trying to say what I want to say. Is this weird ear thing ms related? Have any of you had something similar? Off to my gp on Tuesday anyway so will get her to a have a quick look in the ear! Thanks, Em xx

Hi EW5514 The brain fog and tinnitus is well know as one of the symptoms of MS but it may well be your heartbeat that you are hearing, it can happen it’s not just MS that have ear problems. One thing though have you been to the doctors as you may have ear wax it’s not always to do MS. What you can do is go to the doctor ask him to look in your ears and they may need syringing. They will ask you to put olive oil into your ears twice a day for two weeks. They will then have you come in for the nurse to clean your ears, its painless. Another way is to go to a chemist and ask for a ear cleaner. The doctor doesn’t like you to do it though, as you are going to the doctor anyway you can do it then. Kay