Ear problems and tinnitus

Hi All,

Hope you are all doing as best as you can.

Anyone have experience of this problem?

For about a week I have lost a lot of hearing in my right ear… I also have tinnitus. I have previously had trigeminal neuralgia on that side. I wonder if they are connected? It is really debilitating and tiring.

Any help would be great.

Take care all.


Hi Anne,

I’ve had tinnitus for around 10 years. Neuro thinks it’s MS related as goes up in volume when MS symptoms are bad. It is a really difficult thing to live with. I’m sort of used to it but sometimes I could scream. I never ever have silence. Very upsetting at times.

You really need to see your doctor about the loss of hearing. It can be caused by a whole bunch of stuff but the sooner you get it seen to the better. The eardrum is a very sensitive organ and an infection needs to be treated asap.

I also get TN!!! And I get it on my left side which is also the side where my tinnitus sounds loudest! So who knows, could be related. MS related tinnitus is quite common but not sure if anyone has linked it with TN.

Hope besides these problems you are doing well,

Love Pat xxx

My tinnitus is loud . It’s in my left ear and I’ve had it on and off since 2012 . Its always there at a low level but if I’m stressed or poorly it’s like a fire alarm. Back when it first started before the mobility problem, I was terrified I thought I was going mad and ended up ringing the nhs number, the panic attacks it brought on were awful I couldn’t breathe I was so scared. You do learn to live with it, but after the flu in December last year it’s been here to stay . You learn to live with it . I must admit the panic attacks were starting again when it’s really bad it’s like my head is in a bubble and I feel as if I’m on drugs or going under anaesthetic. I’ve had my ears syringed so there’s no wax I’m convinced it’s neurological. Since I’ve had Frazer nothing seems as bad anymore he has a really positive influence on me. Michelle and Frazer xx

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Hi Anne

I also have tinnitus, and like the others, it is constant and very annoying. I find a background noise, like music or the TV, helps you to ignore it somewhat, but at bedtime it always appears worse.

I am sure it must be something to do with the MS.

Take care

Pam x

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Thanks for yr replies. Much appreciated. Anne

I had tinnitus for a couple of years, then it disappeared. Not had it for over three years. Hope it goes for everyone else

I don’t have tinnitus but my left ear feels ‘full’ and crackles! Does anyone know what to do? Cheers guys, I didn’t mention that its damned annoying. For good measure I have lost my emojis again - frowning face. Take care be safe and love from M xx

Suggest you see a nurse at your GP’s surgery. It could be an ear wax issue & if it is the nurse should be able to clear it for you, then you won’t need the !! Win Win!!

Tippy x

Hi Tippy, took your advice 3 days again and forgot to come back on!!! It’s an outer ear infection hence the swelling NOT a sinus infection. We/I really should not try and cure/sort ourselves.

It’s not only damned annoying I’m sick of the ****ing thing. No quick fix for this either. Take care, be safe.

M xx