I’m suffering with Tinnitus , has anyone got any advice ?. It’s very loud in my left ear ,like a fire alarm … I’ve had it many times and its caused panic attacks in the past just a year before I lost my mobility I had an awful time with it . I was so bad with the panic attacks I rang the nhs help line , anyone who experienced panic attacks will know how terrifying they can be. I’ve had my ears syringed so I know there’s no wax left that was 2 weeks ago. I feel better knowing that there’s nothing stuck but I’m starting to feel as if it’s never going to go away …it doesn’t ever go completely but it’s louder than normal. Michelle and Frazer xx

I have hellish tinnitus too I had to get hearing aids for my hearing but discoverd they help the tinnitus most mornings it’s a relief to put them in have a word with gp he may refer you to audiology.

Hi Michelle

I sympathise with you, I have it also and the only thing that I found helps is to have low background noise on, either music or tv, seems to dampen it down. Mind you that does not help when in bed, mine is like a whooshing noise, I hate it.

Not sure if the GP could offer anything, but rather than chance a panic attack, it would be worth having a word.

Should you find anything that helps, please let us know, take care.

Pam x

Thanks , I’m Okay if I can keep my anxiety under control . That a difficult one because it’s like the chicken and the egg . The anxiety brings on the tinnitus and the tinnitus causes anxiety. I do wonder if it’s part of this underlying neurological condition. The last time I had a very bad patch of it was 6 years ago I really panicked I felt like I was losing my mind and I felt so dizzy and weak . That was before I lost mobility …a year later that happened . I remember using so much otex that I ended up at the hospital with burns in my ear. I thought the background noise was a good idea in fact I love it when it rains because I sleep with the window open and can hear the rain on the greenhouse roof . Michelle and Frazer xx

Oh Michelle, this is so unfair.

I have some friends with this condition and I have nothing to offer but my sympathy.

If my chair is fixed, there will be a visit soon. It should be mid-year once I’ve moved flat.

Love and woof. xx

Aww thanks Steve , it would be lovely to see you . Michelle and Frazer xx

I don’t know if it’s 100% an age or an MS thing as me and hubby get it. Truthfully it seems a bit better if there’s a little bit of background noise going on, as the times it’s most annoying when it turns up the volume because everything is quiet!

No real advice tho, just an avoidance technique

Sonia x