Does anyone else have tinitus with ms? Iv’e not had it for a bit but it seems to be back its causing me a bit of panic, everything is worse at night but if i panic it affects my breathing. does anything help? last time i tried using otex? but it burnt the inside of my ear.


hi Michelle yea I get tinnitus to its bussing away just now as you say its worse at night

not an awful lot you can do try doing something else to take your mind of it I head out to the greenhouse

that’s my diversion from various things ms .

I am going today to ha e hearing aids fitted they tell me along with hearing they might help the tinnitus

we will see and I will report back


Hi Michelle, yes I’ve had tinnitus for about 8 years. Neuro thinks it’s MS related as it’s worse when my other symptoms are bad. MS can cause it.

Go to your GP and get it checked out just in case something else is causing it. The fact that it went and came back again makes me wonder if it’s true tinnitus.

Mine is a high-pitched screeching and hissing.

If it’s tinnitus, there’s nothing that can be done. It seems worse at night because there’s nothing to distract you. So putting the radio on low can help… or you can buy a ‘sound box’ from Hearing Loss UK which has choice of sounds of sea, wind, rain etc.

I used a sound box for a few years but I then decided to get used to it… and I’ve been successful to a degree. Also I think mine is a bit lower in volume since I stopped smoking.

But do see your GP. Hoping your is not tinnitus. It can drive you nuts but you can, in time, get used to it.

Pat xx

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It could be a tempory thing Michelle,i get all sorts of strange hissing and whistleing noises at times,i also once went deaf in one of my ears for a good while,but the hearing did come back.i also find it happens more when i am very stressed too.

J x

Thanks Pat, I think it is tinnitus its never completely gone but as you said i learned to get used to it a few years ago it was very bad like an alarm going off in ear but i was very stressed at the time i remember thinking it must be wax and i damaged my ear with the otex it was so bad that i was referred to ear nose and throat and ended up with a dressing in my ear. Since then it has got better, in that its a lower volume, it helps to sleep with the windows open i like listening to the rain.


Thanks Mrs J, I’m pretty sure that its stress related. why does it make me panic?? the breathing seems to be bad at the same time.

Michelle x

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HI Hillbilly, I hope the hearing aids work, I get scared to go to bed because it starts then and the tinnitus and the panic attacks seem to go hand in hand.

Michelle x

Michelle, it seems to be bad when you panic because in a panic attack you are hyper aware of all bodily sensations.

I remember when I had panic attacks I was very aware of my breathing and my heartbeat. I felt that if I stopped concentrating on my breathing and heartbeat they would stop altogether. Complete nonsense of course but that is the nature of panic attacks.

You have ‘anxiety disorder’ Michelle and there are such great drugs and treatments for it now.

What has your GP said? Has he/she referred you for help?

Pat xx