Hi folks I’ve been suffering terribly with among other things tinnitis it’s so persistent has anyone any ideas on making it bearable I am waiting on a appointment at the audiology clinic meanwhile it’s driving me nuts tia g

Hi there,

I have tinnitus most of the time.

When I first went to audiology they discovered I also have a slight hearing loss - I had no idea!

So, they offered me hearing aids to correct this slight loss, informing me that wearing these might make the tinnitus less noticeable. Well it worked, they do make it much less noticeable. And I can hear better - especially in the high registers.

I must add that, over the years, I have just got used to the tinnitus and am not that bothered about it anymore, but I do wear my aids most of the time.

I hope something works for you, meanwhile, have you tried distracting yourself with quiet background music? I don’t mean heavy metal, of course, but something gentle.

Good luck at your appointment.


Good luck with that one I have a ringing in my ears most of the time they said I had tto put up with it when I finally had a hearing test.

Sorry but I dont hold out much hope after my experience.


Hi Hilly Billy, I also have tinnitus. They think mine is MS related and actually not that rare in MS. My tinnitus is there 24/7 and has been for about 6 or 7 years… from about the same time I was dx with MS… maybe a bit before. It seems worse when my MS symptoms are bad… or tired or stressed… or maybe I just notice it more at those times.

I’ve got a ‘sound box’ which I bought from the Hearing Loss UK website. It plays sounds of the sea, rain, wind etc. I used to use it a lot but then it seemed I noticed the tinnitus even more when I turned it off.

Now I just try and live with it. Sometimes it drives me crazy but most of the time I seem to be able to put up with it.

I saw an audiologist and she was completely useless. Told me she had tinnitus too and it ‘made her happy’ because it proved that her ears were healthy. I could have punched her. I hope you have better luck! She did tell me I have mild hearing loss but didn’t offer hearing aids.

I’m afraid I agree Ben and Don. Seems nothing can be done about it.

If yours is louder sometimes, think about what might have made it worse. Stress. Overdoing it. Even excitement can make mine louder.

I’ve given up caffeine and smoking (using an e-cig now) in hope of lowering it, and seemed I had at first, but must have been wishful thinking as it’s just as loud as before.

Sorry if this sounds depressing. I really hope yours is temporary and there are conditions that can cause it and can be treated. So really hope that’s what you’ve got.

Despite the tinnitus I think I’m basically happy and have got used to it so it’s not all doom and gloom.

Good luck. Look on Hearing Loss UK website where there’s advice.

Pat xx

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Thanks for your answers guys I have had it for a number of years but it has gotten worse this last few weeks along with muscle spasms etc getting worse as well snowleapord you may be right I might need to rest more I do have hearing loss so will see what happens there thanks for the replies g

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