Forum to cope with it ?

Tinnitus is really bad. I’ve had it in my left ear since the December flu. I’ve had my ear syringed but it’s still there . Last night it started in my right ear too. Is it a symptom of ms?. I had a nasty bout of it in 2012 which brought on severe panic attacks. This was a year before losing mobility. Although it has never cleared up completely it adjusted to a lower level. The sounds are buzzing / whistling, and makes me feel like I’m in a bubble, it’s a bit scary as I feel weak too. I’m over doing things at the moment and trying to be “normal” just pushing through the fatigue . Any advice? anyone else know how to get over it and not go into a panic . I’ve had issues with panic attacks and this could go that way if I don’t get a grip. Michelle and Frazer xx

I’ve got permanent tinnitus in one ear (definitely not MS related), in a strange way I’ve got used to the buzzing but it is SO annoying. I try and have the radio or TV on but it drives me nuts when I’m trying to get to sleep and everywhere is silent. Coincidentally I’ve got a GP appointment booked to see if medical science has come up with something that will help or if my ear is damaged beyond hope.

Tippy x

I know this is a bit odd Michelle, but I watched a video on YouTube about putting a clove of garlic in your ear, when you sleep. I’ve not tried it myself, so I can’t judge. All the best. Terry

Oh Terry …you are so funny , youve made me chuckle . Next time I go to the doctors they’ll have a shock when they syringe my ears and a glove of garlic comes out. Thanks for the advice though, I’ll bear it in mind if I get desperate…does it help with panic attacks too ? I’m glad you are keeping well Terry Take care. Michelle and Frazer xx

Hey , I know what the noise is …It’s the same as the noise my wheelchair makes when it’s on charge . It’s spread to both ears now. I truly am going Mad ! Michelle and Frazer xx