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Still waiting for my neuro appointment next month and alot of the time i dont think its ms. But i did want to run this by you to find out if anyone had these symptoms.

A few years ago i lost alot of my hearing in my left ear, it happened over a very short space of time. I now have very limited hearing in that ear. I get tinitus that goes on and on and on, loud noises make me feel terrible and i have fullness in that ear that is not releived by removing wax.

Iv also been having alot of balance problems and sometimes find it difficult to walk in a straight line…im all over the place.

Just wondered if anyone recognises these symptoms and did you get treatment for them.



Hi Christine, I do have tinitus all the time… mine is very high pitched screeching with a lower pitched hissing… and as far as they can tell mine is MS related. Both hearing loss and tinitus can be caused by MS (remember, MS is in the central nervous system so it can affect just about anything in the body), but important to remember that hearing problems and tinitus happen to people without MS too. In fact I used a tinitus forum for a while and was the only one on there with MS.

Unfortunately no treatment for them… however that doesn’t mean that you can’t get treatment if it’s caused by something else. You should see your GP and ask for a referal to ENT specialist and get it checked out.

It might be what’s causing your balance problems as the inner ear is linked to balance.

Hope you get it sorted and good luck with the neuro next month (tell him/her about the hearing problems too).

Pat xx

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Thanks…Last night the noise was a high pitched hissing, it was driving me mad and i was worried that i would not beable to ear in my other ear.

Hope the neuro takes evrything into account and excludes conditions so i can hopefully find out whats causing my random synmptoms.



Hi there,

before my dx of MS I loss the hearing I’m both my ears altogether, it started in one ear and moved to the other, I still get tinnitus both before and after this event, and since dx.

Polly xxx