I started suffering from Tinitus 6 1/2 years ago, when I was pregnant with my youngest. I have noticed that it gets so much worse when my other symptoms are worse. Does anyone know whether it can be linked to neuro problems. This last week my head has been so noisy and is driving me potty as it makes hearing so difficult.

S x

Hi Sharon, I’d hazard a guess it’s linked, yes, as other posters have mentioned similar. Of course, that doesn’t mean it has to be linked, as tinnitus isn’t that uncommon in the non-MS population. But a good chance, I reckon. Tina

Hi, I too have developed Tinitus. It started in earnest about a month ago, after i had a “funny turn” at work and collapsed. I had been experiencing strange tremors through my body and loss of balance on top of numb lower left leg and foot which had started 2 years ago. I haven’t been diagnosed as yet, had a brain scan and have been called in to see a Consultant neurologist who i will be seeing today as brain scan showed “some areas” on my brain which are likely to be linked to my symptoms, so i wouldn’t be surprised if I am told I have MS. The tinitus you are suffereing does seem to be a common symptom of MS from what I can see. I am going to ask today what can help with this as it is driving me made too!!! Hope you can get some help with it too.

Thanks to both of you. I have got so used to hearing my blood wooshing round my body that I tend to ignore it. It was only when I was trying to sleep the other night I had noticed it had become louder. It just always seems to coincide. I will mention it when I have my appt. It was all checked out when it started and all ENT said in the end was that my body had tuned into the sound and that I would just have to get used to it.

S x


I have slight bilateral hearing loss and tinnitus. I usually wear hearing aids which seem to improve both problems. Most of the time the tinnitus is not too intrusive, but occasionally it will up its volume, especially if I have vertigo, disequilibrium or a headache. However, sometimes it will get louder for no apparent reason. It is always there to some degree and used to really annoy me, but I have more or less learned to live with it now.