Muffled ears - MS symptom?

My ears feel full. I can’t hear very well because of it and my head feels like it’s underwater.

Sounds are also distorted.

It’s not wax. My ears look normal.

I’m going to see an ENT specialist next week.

I’ve had this problem on and off for a few months now.

Could this be MS related ?

Anyone ?

Yes, it can be. Tinitus and hearing sounds way too loud, or a feeling of fullness in the ears, are MS related (I have had that). I would report to the MS nurse or neurologist if I were you.

Thank you. What did you they do to help you? And were they able to somehow ‘ prove ‘ that MS was the culprit ?

How long did the episodes last for you ? It’s been quite a few weeks for me now on and off and it’s really not nice and nothing is helping. I’ve been through two lots of antibiotics. I don’t think it’s viral or bacterial.

I don’t have

I went nearly deaf in one ear and was told it was rare for ms to be the cause but then they did an MRI and there was the lesion. It resolved completely with steroids. Fastest and most dramatic response to steroids I have ever experienced. Literally overnight it got better. Well, almost. So it does happen, but it’s rare, Obviously you’ll want to exclude the more likely causes first.

Mine went away on its own after 1 month. It was at the same time I had a relapse, and two numb hands. Tinitus did not bother me. What bothered me was hearing everything way too loud occasionally. It would come and go.

Same here - my MS was going off like a firework display at the time I got the lesion that affected my hearing. As one symptom was receding, the next was at its peak the one behind was just tuning up! Fun times. Then I started Tysabri and it all went mercifully quiet and has stayed that way ever since, fingers crossed.

I can barely hear anything today guys.

It’s so frustrating. I am seeing a specialist ENT tomorrow to get to the bottom of it.

Thanks for all your comments.

I’m not having a relapse right now in any other way. It’s just my ears. So it’s probably something else.

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I went to see an ENT, who said nothing is wrong with my ears.

I contacted my MS nurse who said that this is not common and unlikely to be an MS thing.

So if it’s not my ears and it’s not MS. What the hell is it ?

I’m quite frustrated to just have it completely brushed off like this from the MS team.

They’re always brushing off everything I mention. I had a weird tingling sensation in my foot for a few weeks and they also said that didn’t sound like an MS thing. I don’t understand why they do that.

I was told it was uncommon too, as it surely is. But if the ENT specialist agrees that there something the matter with your hearing, but that it not your ears, and you happen to have MS, which can cause hearing loss, I think it’s a bit disappointing that they don’t want to take a look.

Long story but I lost most of my hearing in my left ear and had a ringing noise, like the classic cartoons of old with the bells and whistles. Anyway tinnitus diagnosed,first noise I hear when I wake up and last noise I hear when I eventually fall asleep. Referred to ENT who literally saved my life,I now wear bilateral hearing aids which I can pair to my phone and play music answer phone calls and play calming sounds when the tinnitus is particularly awful. Not long after this I was diagnosed with RRMS. I’d try and get another appointment with ENT, it got to the point that I asked the tinnitus nurse “can you just make me deaf in that ear id rather be deaf in that ear than hear this”. She said it doesn’t work like that… you’d be deaf but you would still have the tinnitus.

Sorry that should have been seen by audiology and try and get yourself back to audiology

I’ve woken up muffled again today. I can’t hear much and I have white noise.

It has a very very clear pattern. It comes for around 3 days and then goes away. Then after a week, it comes back for 3 days and goes away.

I don’t know what to do ! I’ve written to my ENT again and I’m also speaking to my GP on Friday.

I’ve also written to my neuro team and said, just because it’s uncommon- doesn’t mean it’s not potentially happening to me. What would need to be done to rule out that this is caused by MS ?

It’s really frustrating.

Thanks for all your replies and insights.