Could any of you knowledgeable people tell me if MS can effect hearing please?

Having some very strange and intermittent hearing/noise issues.

Thanks in advance,

Vicky xxx

Yes, it can. It is rare, but it happens (it happened to me). In my case, most of hearing in one ear went over a couple of days and stayed away for until my hearing was magically restored by the first of 3 days of IV steroids (which I was having because I was relapsing like a firework display and there was lots obviously MS-y going wrong). In other words, the hearing loss (in hindsight) had the tell-tale trajectory of a relapse - there was nothing interrmittent about it. But that’s just my personal experience. I know that other people have different sort of MS hearing troubles including tinnitus and so on.

You will likely find that the medics will (quite properly) want to eliminate all the more likely explanations before contemplating MS as a cause of hearing troubles. It is way down the list of likely suspects, even for someone who has MS! GP Practice Nurse having a check for wax blockages would be a good place to start.

Good luck with it.


Its affected my hearing i went totally deaf in one ear,then the hearing returned after a few months,and now years later i get strange feelings in that ear,and muffled hearing from time to time.

J x

Hi, it is a possible symptom, but a rare one, I think.

I am almowst totally deaf in one ear and have been for several years. I was mis-diagnosed with MS some time back, so I thought that was why.

The desease I am suspected of having now, also carries a small possibility of deafness too.

I have tried hearing aids, to no avail. Are you affected?

luv Pollx

Thanks all.

It is like the sensation of your ears popping on a plane. It makes all sound distorted and amplified. It lasts for a minute or so and then goes. Some days I have it a couple of times, other days 10 times in an hour! It only happens in one ear at a time - so far - but affects them both.

I’ve just finished a course of steroids (9 days ago) for a relapse and this started midway through the course.

Have made an appointment for doctor next week, just didn’t know whether MS could effect it but it is currently effecting my chewing and swallowing so I guess those are pretty closely related…

Thanks for your replies - appreciated xxx

Thanks all for your replies.

It feels like when your ears pop on a plane, then everything becames amplified and distorted. It last for up to a few minutes and then goes. It seems to affect one ear at a time and can happen a couple of times in a day or 10 times in an hour.

I finished a course of steroids 9 days ago for a relapse and this started happening about halfway through.

I have made a G.P. appointment for next week but didn’t know whether MS could be a factor. At the moment it is effecting my chewing and swallowing though so I guess that’s quite closely linked…???

Thanks, your help is appreciated xxx

Sorry for the duplication!!! I have been having posting problems all day :frowning: xxx

hi vicky

that feeling like being on a plane might be helped by hopi ear candling.

i have it done at my ms therapy centre. it balances the pressure in your sinuses.

carole x

Thanks Carole, I may well look into that xxx

This is something that I am very interested in because my hearing is appalling and it has got substantially worse since I had my big catastrophic relapse/flare that resulted in me being diagnosed. I am now VERY hearing impaired. I wear powerful hearing aids in both ears and I have to have subtitles on the TV all the time.

Different consultants have given different opinions as to whether it could be conected to my MS or not. The problem in my case is that when they take my family history for hearing loss they note that my mother and 3 brothers have/had impaired hearing and most consultants don’t go any further and put it down as a genetic thing even though my mum’s comes from a little thing called World War II and my brother’s all are keen shooters.

I don’t shoot and never have (not my thing and a bit unsafe with my eyesight!) and I don’t remember being involved in major global warfare!

Hi Vicky,

I was very interested in your question as I have problems with my hearing, but it seems in a totally different way.

I have a problem knowing from which direction a noise has come from and also I am always mishearing what people say for instance my I was out having a meal with my husband and the waitress asked ( I thought ) “Can I get you anything”? I shook my head as at the time was eating, but what she had actually said was “Is everything okay for you”?

This is always happening to me and can be very embarrassing