Hearing loss

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Now this is a new one for me. Yesterday morning I woke up and had lost around 80% of hearing in my right ear. My first reaction was to try to pull an earplug out, but I hadn’t put earplugs in the night before. It really felt like something was in my ear. I don’t have a cold or virus or sinus problems. I thought **** this, I can’t deal with it right now, so I went back to sleep. When I woke up my hearing was fully back. I’ve since researched it and it looks like hearing loss can be a symptom of MS. I’m going to flag it with my MS Nurse but I’d like to hear from anyone who has experienced something similar. Lou xxx

I lost my hearing in one ear many years ago.It came back after a few weeks.I say it was my MS but as usual when i mentioned it to the neuro they said not.

Hi, as your hearing loss was very temporary, I would hope it isn’t going to return. But it is worth talking to your MS nurse about it. I have been about 90% deaf in my right ear for years. I tried a hearing aid, which didn’t help. I guess my friend MS gave it to me…some gift,eh? How many of us have this problem? Bouds x

Interesting. When I was admitted to hospital and first diagnosed, there was a sign by my bed informing staff I was deaf and used two aids. First meeting with neurologist and she asked about my deafness etc. On realising it was hereditary, she noted it on my file and told me sometimes loss of hearing comes with ms.

Hi, When I first went to hospital with the relapse that lead to my dx, the doctor rubbed some cotton wool next to my ears in turn and asked me if it sounded the same in both ears. I haven’t thought much about it since, but it makes more sense now. For the record my hearing has never been affected by the MonSter, but I’m not saying it can’t be.

MS can do this: it did it to me. Like you, I lost most of the hearing in one ear. The neurologist said hearing loss is rare in MS, but given that I had a host of other MS relapse mayhem going on at the same time, it looked like a likely culprit. We decided some IV steroids would be a good plan for all sorts of reasons. After the first day’s infusion, my hearing was fixed overnight. Never have I had such a complete and dramatic response to steroids.


By the way, my hearing, which went suddenly, had been gone for a couple of weeks, and had been checked out at the GP surgery for obvious things like wax.


By the way, my hearing, which went suddenly, had been gone for a couple of weeks, and had been checked out at the GP surgery for obvious things like wax.


+1 for hearing loss in one ear. I first heard an ‘oooooooooooooooooooh’ sound, really suddenly, which didn’t go away for a few days, and then hearing loss. By the time I had a hearing test it had almost completely returned. A few months later, there it was again. It’s real, and they can detect a reduction in hearing, but still within normal limits for my age apparently (although it sometimes clearly isn’t). On the plus side, I can confirm without doubt that Justin Bieber is no more tolerable in mono… :slight_smile:

I had hearing loss in my right ear in 2011, I’d say it was over 90%, I had tinnitus just before the hearing went. MS nurse said it was very rare in MS but I also had other debilitating symptoms, I could barely stand up. I saw my neurologist & he told me I’d had a brainstem relapse. I don’t remember having steroids & the relapse lasted about 5 weeks. My hearing in that ear is still slightly affected. Annie xx

As I said earlier, I am 90% deaf in one ear…rare…and my Spinal MS is rare too! Not nice being rare really! Bouds x

I have read that hearing loss is an uncommon symptom in multiple sclerosis (MS). In nine patients with MS, seven with unilateral hearing loss and two with bilateral impairment. Btw, what tests did you have to make this determination? You can try online hearing assessment here https://audiologyisland.com/online-hearing-test/

Just forget to say but my neuro said my partial deafness is NOT due to MS

When things get back to normal, I`m going to ask for a referral back to audiology.