Pardon ?

has anybody on here experienced partial deafness as part of the package of sensory symptoms ? , I’m just wondering cause I have been like it for a while now in the right ear , and it seems to get worse when my other sensory symptoms kick in (daily )


Yes , I had to go for hearing test eight months ago, I now have to wear an hearing aid in my left ear due to deafness . The audiologist said it was caused by nerve damage due to M S. Oh the joys of dreaded MS, part of its great plan for us to fall to pieces . Take care. Margaret .

Hi Margaret , thanks for the reply , I guess I’ll have to run it by the GP soon and see if they’ll refer me for hearing tests , I suppose if it ‘is’ MS causing it , it’ll just complete a bit more of my set of sensory losses

yep I reckon we’re definately falling to bits

take care


Yes, well not partial deafness. Total deafness, for about 30 seconds.The partial deafness for a few weeks.

But, I was conducting an orchestra at the time and my life flashed before me.

That 30 seconds was never to be forgotten and is possibly the worst symptom I’ve experienced.

It didn’t cause a catastrophe but I nearly s*** myself.

I can only imagine that , and the panic it must have caused , did the orchestra continue throughout ?

Oh yes; no-one knew except me, and a few others years later when we had a good raucous laugh at the situation. It wouldn’t inspire confidence in a professional orchestra if the conductor was faffing about desperately trying to find an ear trumpet!

Hi, I`ve had very little hearing in my right ear for years.

When i was told I had MS, I was sent for tests, but hearing aids didnt help at all.

I have to put up with it. It causes a lot of difficulty for me. I have to see people`s faces as they speak. When there is noise around me, it is horrendous to know where a sound is coming from.

I often feel left out of conversations, as Im always saying pardon, eh?`

Hearing loss is one of the possible symptoms of my ISP.

luv Pollx

Hi Poll ,

general noise is a real problem for me too , not just the hearing though , it seems to send the sensory symptoms into overdrive , I always thought it was just a concentration thing , but , when you’re missing bits of the conversation too , it just makes it worse !

I sometimes hate to think how I must appear to other folk , and then other times I guess I’ve just got used to not having my finger on the pulse as they say ? well not got used to it to be honest , just tried to get resigned to it

still b***** annoying though isn’t it ? , I’ve had MS about 8 to 9 years , and sometimes kid myself that it’s part of my life , but some far distant sub conscious niggle keeps reminding me that it’s not how I “ever” was at all !!



MS can go for hearing, but it’s rare. So much so that, if a person is suffering from a sudden worsening in hearing, MS is pretty low on the list of likely culprits, even when the person has MS. Or that’s what I was told when it happened to me!

Mine didn’t fluctuate - I was just suddenly deaf in one ear, pretty much, and that’s the way it stayed until I started IV steroids because I was relapsing all over the place as well as the hearing and it was getting beyond a joke, so I gave in and went for the steroids. The ear started working again on the night after the first infusion. Absolute magic. I have never had such a quick and complete response to steroids, ever.

So it can get better, like any other sort of relapse, with a bit of luck, and I hope you see an improvement soon.



Hi Alison , well I’m still hoping it’s either something else or a short term relapse , I’m in a bit of a relapse at the moment , though it’s hard to tell sometimes because my symptoms don’t seem to go much inbetween , but they definately get worse at will , it’s still a mystery at times to me as to what defines a relapse ,

They always say to me it’s if there’s new stuff , with ‘me’, it seems the multiple combinations of symptoms can vary , which sort of makes it ‘new’ in my book if you know what I mean ? , but sometimes I read what I write myself and get baffled ! x