Hearing loss

Hi all,

Relapse started about 4 weeks ago now, the usual loss of balance and double vision. 2 weeks in and I woke with complete hearing loss in my left ear which I think added to the loss of balance… (walking about like a very drunk person falling into walls and what ever will hold me lol).

Im just wondering if anyone else has experienced hearing loss with ms and if so I suppose im wondering if it will ever return???

love and healing to you all


MS can affect hearing, but it is good to elimate other obvious, much more common, and much more easily solved candidates first, the main one being a build up of ear wax. I would strongly suggest getting that checked asap.

MS did for the hearing on one of my ears when I was in the middle of a flurry of relapses/activity. When I started a 3 day course of IV steroids to damp things down generally, my hearing came back the night after the first infusion. The other aspects of the relapse took rather longer to respond, alas.

I hope everything quietens down for you very quickly. It is awfully scary when something important like hearing or vision drops out.


BTW I has having vision problems that time too, and that resolved as well, pretty much, after the steroids, although it took a bit longer. So I really do feel you you with hearing and vision both banjaxed at once - not one bit funny, I know.


Thanks Alison, I did pop to a & e the morning it happened hoping they would just pull a spider out that crawled in there during the night but no such luck they said my ear appears fine and that its either sudden hearing loss or ms. took the steroids which made me feel awful, to top it off the insensitive ENT doc told me that he doesnt recon my hearing will come back so im out to prove him wrong and educate him on what relapse remitting means!!! this was a couple of weeks ago, freaked out and soooo hoping I wake up i the morning and hey presto its back, fingers crossed

love and healing


thanks for the hope, and you right its awful but still trying to look on the bright side

Filtered words to that filtered word!

ENT docs are not renowned for their in-depth knowledge of neurological conditions, as far as I know.


Hi Joel, as Alison said, MS can affect hearing and I think it’s linked to double-vision as well… ie lesion in part of brain that affects vision and hearing.

I have ppms so no relapses but I have double-vision, mild hearing loss and tinnitus all the time… and have been told by neuro that they are all linked and all caused by my MS.

But don’t let that freak you out… with RRMS once you go into remission it should sort itself out… also hopefully DMD’s will also sort it out.

You go and prove that ENT doctor wrong!!! I bet you anything it’s MS related and will go when you’re in remission.

Pat x

Didn’t know that, Pat. I have had double vision too, but at a different time (it was my visual field that MS was messing with at the same time as I had the hearing loss).

To be sure, what a delightfully fascinating condition it is that we all enjoy!


Thanks Pat, its seems when ever i relapse its always the vision and balance plus what ever else feels like goin wrong at the time, its just shocked me this time losing the use of something completely, im currently having oxygen therapy in the hyperbaric chamber and taking LDN which seemed to work (for a year with no relapse) untill I went away for a week and left it at home so missed 7days worth and a week after the relapse started.

Iv got another appointment with ENT the end of next week so im keeping everything crossed i go into remission by then and I can prove them wrong and maybe open their/his mind to (as Alison put it) the delightful fascinating condition MS.

I can relate to the tinnitus which on top of everything else your going through must feel rather annoying to say the least, you can get some relief from the double vision for a minute if need be by shutting your eyes but the tinnitus is always there to remind you just in case you forget you’ve got MS (as if)

all the best and thanks again Pat for your reply :slight_smile:

love and healing to you

Hi, I have about 97% hearing loss in my right ear. It started quite a few years ago,when it was thought I had MS.

I had an MRI to check for any nasties, but all fine with that regard.

I tried a couple of different hearing aids and was tested and re-tested in the sound proofed room the ENT have. I could hear then, but never outside that room. Afterall we dont live in sound proofed rooms do we?

Deafness is a rarer symptom of MS and HSP…my other diagnosis!

Its a horrible affliction and excludes me from many a conversation. Folk get impatient when I have to keep saying Pardon?oreh?`