Ear problems

Many years before I was diagnosed with ms I had a bad problem with my ear I was told two of the bones have fused this all affects my balance I am all over the place But now I am wondering if this was caused by the ms Does anyone else have problems with the ears

Hi ya Tattybear

I’ve had problems with my ears over the years too - but I’m talking infections and the dreaded labrynthitis, which I’ve had quite a few times.

My balance is shot to bits - some days it’s worse than others but when it comes to my ears the only problem that I have now is a strange low humming noise which is sporadic. That and the fact that I can’t compute things if there’s too much background noise or too much going on at once. I just can’t stand the noise - I get all jumbled up

I agree with Mel, if this is something that was investigated and diagnosed some years prior to your being dx with ms then in all likelihood it probably is a separate issue rather than being ms related.

Debbie xx

I have a constant problem with my balance - mine is, in part, down to losing over half the nerve function in my left balance mechanism which causes me to stumble up to 100 times a day.

For me, they tried vestibular rehabilitiation exercises and thought it would improve in 3 months - however, it’s been nearly 2 years and its getting worse week by week. I’ve never heard of the ‘fused bones’ before - interesting one. I am still going through the diagnostic process - in fact, I have another appointment this week.

I use a walking stick to try and help the problem but someone has now suggested a rollator is even better for balance control (at least it works for her) so am looking into it.

Take care. Keep in touch.


Other than what Debbie talks about with noise and difficulties dealing with too many noses at one time (been there myself, bought the numerous T-shirts) has anyone had any issues with hearing loss? My hearing has declined over the years and I now wear hearing aids but the extent of the loss does vary as much as my stability, speech etc vary

Is my hearing loss/deafness caused by MS or possibly caused by entirely different things but then affected to varying levels by my MS ? Or is deafness just another of the things (diabetes, diabetic neutrothapy Feet) diabetic occular damage and my MS) that make me such a catch

So, according to me, MS stops you dealing with “too many noses”? Well, that’s one for the researchers