Ear problems!

Hi all,

im in the process of what I think will probably end up with a diagnosis of M.S, but was just wondering does anyone have ear problems as part of their symptoms?

the problems I have is tinnitus, extreme pressure in my ears and hearing loss, also I find it harder to hear something if there is background noise, I have also had 9 ear infections this year which I doubt is related.

any thanks

Amy xx

Hi Amy. Same exact ear problems. I thought they were allergy related. I had an ear infection last year. Now for about two months, I have had a pulsing (pulsatile tinnutus) in my ear, what feels like pressure and friends and family complain about me not hearing well. My hearing was evaluated and apparently I hear just fine. However, I was sent for an MRI and MRA of the head and neck and the findings are concerning for MS (based on everything I am reading) I have yet to meet with neuro to suss this out by couldn’t believe that I found your question here expressing a similar complaint. have you had any work up done? What is leading you to believe you MS?