Ear pain


I am going to my neuro appointment this afternoon, its a second opinion with a MS specialist as my first neuro said i dont have MS due to my lumbar being normal, however I do have lesions in my brain consistant with MS, so i asked for a second opinion thanks to the great advice i was given on here :)

Does anybody else have sharp ear pain? it really hurts :(  I am very sensitive to noise and in the last 6 months developed titinus, i have also had positional vertigo which has lasted 1 month (it only went away on Friday)!

I have had the ear pain for over 1 year but i never read that anybody else gets this???


Carla x

Hi Carla,

I'm very sensitive to noise and can't concentrate if there's too much going on around me, I feel a bit spaced out! Too much conversation going on at the same time also has the same effect on me.

I don't generally have ear pain but I do have funny noises in them sometimes. I've had labrythitis a few times too (prior to be diagnosed) and that's a truly awful feeling scared2

My balance isn't great anyway but there are times when vertigo becomes more of a problem.

If I were you I'd definitely mention it to the specialist when  you see him this afternoon - see what he says - also keep in mind that it may not be ms related.

Hope you get on okay, let us know!

Debbie xx


Could this be Menieres? Sorry, can’t check the details at the moment, but if you have a google, you should get info easily.

Good luck this afternoon :slight_smile:

Karen x

Hi Debbie and Karen

Thanks for replying.  Debbie the senstivity to noise really does bug me, it can flactuate on how much it annoys me but it is always there! I am starting to think the problem with my ears are prob's not related to MS and could well be something else.

Thanks Karen for the mention of Meniere's, i have googled and yes i def do have some of the symptoms but not all, so it could well be that, I will mention to the specialist this afternoon.

I am so nervous about the appointment, i have wrote all my symptoms down in chronological order and i have promised myself that i will get the list out and read it to him (with the last neuro i didnt do this and left the list in my bag!).

Think i need the good luck you sent me, hoping this neuro is at least conversational towards me :)

Thank you both

Carla xx