Meniere's Disease

Hi everyone,

I was just wondering if anyone here suffers from Meniere’s Disease, as well as MS.

It appears that MS can mimic the symptoms of Meniere’s, although it is, of course, possible to suffer from both conditions. This seems to make diagnosing Meniere’s rather difficult in MS patients.

Has anyone any experience of this situation?


Hi Ben,

Don’t have both, and can’t report on anyone who has, but you’re right about the symptom overlap. My neighbour has been diagnosed with Meniere’s. and could relate rather well to my balance problems, although I don’t think he gets the aches and pains and overwhelming fatigue that have become my lot.

I think it would be difficult, in someone wih MS, to distinguish it from general MS-related crappiness. :frowning:


Thanks Tina,

I’ve been told by a Consultant at the ENT that I’m showing some signs of Meniere’s, but I’ve not got a diagnosis. I suppose the problem is the question of what, if any, treatment to give. For now, I’m keeping a symptom diary and reporting back in due course. I’m not unduly anxious about the situation because, as you so eloquently point out, it is rather similar to general MS-related ‘crappiness’. It’s just more of the same really, with the addition of occasional episodes of fluctuating hearing loss.

Spell-check wants to call it “Menageries’ Disease.” - I’m sure there’s a witty comment there somewhere, but I just can’t think of it.


I have intermittent ear pressure / fullness. When I search for possible causes, Meniere’s comes up every time. Have had an MRI to check there’s nothing sinister in the ear which was clear so I am wondering if it could be this.

Waiting for an appointment to discuss this with neurology. Wonder what they’ll say. Don’t really want there to be something else wrong…

Menageries’ Disease? 'Ark at that!

Sorry, sorry…

I’m sorry that you are playing an enforced game of specialism bingo. It’s often awkward when when symptoms cross the constantly-disputed borders between specialist kingdoms.


The elephant and the kangaroo…

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…and they have just been joined by the ear-worm - thanks for that.

I’ve been diagnosed with MS and Meniere’s.