MS and Menieres Disease/ Hearing issues

Has anyone also been dx with Menieres Disease or have sensorineural hearing problems. I have been having trouble with my ears for last 3 years and after a number of ENT appointments they think I may also have MD now. However in order to dx MD a patient should have experienced an episode of vertigo or dizziness which I have never had. My symptoms are fluctuating hearing loss in low frequencies in left ear, distorted hearing at times in left ear, aural fullness or pressure in left ear and tinnitus in left ear.

I’m not sure of the MD dx and wondering if it is MS related. I have RRMS and was dx 22 years ago. I am currently on Tecfidera DMD and also wondering if this is playing a part too. I started on Tec 4 years ago and ear problems began a year later. When I questioned the Neuro he said hearing problems are not common with MS.

I would be grateful for any thoughts.