MS Symptons/MRI Diagnosis?

Hi all,

Just wondered if anyone could help me on my symptons which I think could possibly by MS??

For 15 weeks now I have had hearing loss and dizziness causing balance problems.

If I put the phone to my left ear it vibrates and people sound robotic! Also if I put a cotton bud into the ear it just feels numb?

A test the doctor done re the balance was to march up and down with my eyes shut which I could not do I just fall to the side!

I have had an MRI scan and the results where “Multiple high T2 signals in the white matter of both cerebral hemispheres”? I have not seen the consultant yet to ask what this means but when I type it in google it always leads me to MS!

Has anyone else ever experience these things with MS or am I just jumping to the wrong conclusion??

Many thanks

Hello anon It’s understandably a worrying time but I’m afraid it’s a case of waiting until you see consultant. It could be ms or some other neurological condition. I’m not sure why your putting cotton buds in your ear but it’s not a good idea. Hopefully you’ll be seeing neuro soon. Take care xxx


I am undiagnosed, but have all the symptoms you mentioned and its getting worse. For the moment I have diagnosis for Ménière’s disease for the ear and balance problems. the odd thing is though, my ear will still itch, but because it is numb you cannot do anything about it. Taking Betahistine has helped with Vertigo but not the dizziness. I do have other symtoms like pins and needles and my buzzing is in the palms of my hands and feet with a shudder like feeling in my chest. I agree with Blossom its worth waiting to see Neuro, and also welcome to the forum. I am still being investigated by the Neuro but in the meantime he referred me to Occupational Therapy and Neuro Physio too, which is really helpful.

Catherine x