worried about symptoms

Does anyone else get tingling in their scalp and full feeling in their ears? I am so worried it’s something more sinister than ms. I appreciate ms is serious though x

Hi ,

I get scalp tingling often and left ear feels full ,I think i have sort of got used to it .I also get tingling /buzzing which feels deep inside my head in different spots at different times.

Thank you Kerste. I am worried it’s Acoustic Neuroma maybe? Have you ever had it checked? It’s my left ear that feels full mostly, right a little. I saw the gp a few years ago about it and he gave me a nasal spray and said to go back if it didnt work. I never went back and im kicking myself now.Also, do you ever get pain in your ears?

I did have my left ear checked and had MRI of ear and it came back normal. Ive also had tinnitus on and off in my left ear for several yrs. I had full brain MRI last NOV which clearly showed lesion in Corpus Callosum and left hemisphere ms related and confirmed not tumour. If you feel worried go back to your GP,be clear what your concerns are and what you want.I only say this as I went back and forth to my GP with various symptoms until I went to pain clinic and the consultant asked me what I was worried about and I stated that “I may have MS”,he took me seriously and asked for full Brian .Hey 3 months later MS diagnosis and now having Ocrevus DMD. All the best .

My gp has been very good. He listened to me and wants me to have a brain MRI and neurologist appointment. I have had a letter regarding the neurologist appointment already, within two weeks of seeing the gp. I am on the waiting list and will hear from them again in a few weeks to arrange an appointment. I have to see the gp tomorrow with a report from the eye test he asked me to have. I don’t want to bombard him with additional problems so I may save it to discuss with the neurologist.

Do you know if ear detail will show up on brain mri?

Thank you Kerste

I think we have all been there with these worries when you have unexplained symptoms! I had the same feelings when I had my first episode of double vision in 2014 - I asked the Opthalmologist (as that’s who I saw before neurologist) what it could be and he told me all different possibilities but he only one I heard was “tumour”. I worried myself silly for two weeks and didn’t relax until I’d had my urgent MRI and finally got told there was no sign of any tumours but there were lesions that indicated MS - I was so relieved it wasn’t a tumour I barely even thought about what an MS diagnosis would mean!

I think the best thing to do is try and put it out of your mind until the appointment - I know that is easier said than done but you are in the right track and hopefully will have an answer soon! Wishing you all the best with your appointments and scans and just want to reassure you that you aren’t going crazy and you aren’t the only one who has felt this way!!

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My MRI scan was full brain ,neck and spine ,so it would have looked at ear but I had already had MRI on ear which was clear.

I know its hard but try not to worry too much (I googled all sorts and got my self in a right state of anxiety),write a list of questions you want to ask neurologist.

When I was first diagnosed last yr I thought “well thats it life is over”,but you know I still work full time (although I have slowed down )and if anything MS has given me permission to slow down and say no to overload from others.There are times when symptoms get worse and that dreaded anxiety creeps back in and I start catasrophising and fearing the worst ,but I manage it better now .

I had evoke potential eye test which came back normal .

MS is at times is a pain in the arse, the head ,the legs ,the hands ,the ears etc but it could be worse.

Best wishes

Thank you everyone. I am feeling like a hypochondriac and abit mad, but I’ve never been one for going to the gp often, the opposite in fact. Thank you for the advice. And if it is MS it won’t beat me and i’ll endeavour to continue to work full time.

The optician I saw was very good and explained the field test result to me and said if she thought there was anything to worry about she would have referred me herself straight away.

Thank you again. I am feeling less panicky now :slight_smile: