Crackling in my ear

All my symptoms seem to have effected my left side. My ear(left) is really playing up at the moment. I keep getting a high pitched squealing in it which only lasts a few minutes then goes. I have had this for a long time and thought it was normal. At the moment I am also getting a crackiling noise which comes and goes, my GP has checked and said my ear seems to be OK. I have an appointment with my neurologist next week and wanted to know if it was worth mentioning it to him.

Just noticed your post on here after replying to you via my post, lol, no expert, but it sounds like tinnitus and i’d say its definately worth mentioning to neurologist as i believe it is quite common in MS.

I suffer from tinnitus and both my ears are affected but I find its worse in my right ear. I’ve never experencied any crackling in my ears though, so afraid i’m of no use offering you advice there.

Hope your appointment goes well!

Big hug, Samm xx

Yes, do mention it to your neuro, as well as saying that your GP says everything looks fine. You should probably see an ENT specialist to find out what’s going on though.

Karen x