My wife has advanced PPMS and reports hearing her own pulse in her ear. Does anyone recognise this symptom?

Hi, yes, i can hear my blood whooshing through my ears sometimes (Is it raining?), its very annoying! :oops: xclare

Hi my name is stevo450 from Australia I have had this problem in my right EAR for 4 years now i have had a ultra sound, MRI, Botox injections with NO answers from the results they just put it down to PPMS but i am not going mad the noise is a heart beat, hearing my own pulse it drives me crazy . stevo450

Hi …

I’ve not been dx yet…but I get this pulsing on and off… when in bed…also had a very loud buzzing in my left ear…did’nt think I could get to sleep with it…in the morning it had gone.


hi have had this for a few years find it happens when i have pushed myself to much or if i am suffering from the cold etc. had it checked out and heart is fine, another aspect of MS I guess

Tinatus a ringing in the ears causes rushing noises, somepeople say they hear sounds like car engines , or washing machines !!! There is also a condition called pulsating tinatus where by people hear what they say there heart beating / pulsating I have tinatus very bad and also have hearing loss , tinatus drives me mad !!! I’m not DX still having tests If tinatus is bad there are machines available to buy through Action On Hearing Loss , that aid sleeping , works for some , you can also find out more information about tinatus awareness

hi all

I hear my own pulse everytime i lie down! I never thought it was linked to ms !!!

learning all the time :slight_smile:


I used to have this but it was down to ear wax. I now go once a year to see an ENT nurse to have them properly cleared and don’t get it anymore so I’m not convinced it’s anything to do with MS.

was told it was a sign that i was doing too much, have found this to be the case so a warning to slow down

I get that swishing, pulsing sound every time I lay down. In bed at night it sounds like raining, or my own pulse or even the sea rushing in and out. Almost like when you hold a seashell to your ear.

What causes it?