Slow thinking

Hey all, does anyone experience slow thinking with MS? I have really slow reactions, including when having conversations, crossing the road, or learning something. Like at times I would be staring at someone for longer than normal, when I have so many distractions around me like a busy environment with many people. Would like to hear if anyone feels the same or if its linked to MS?

It varies from person to person. I don’t think I think any slower (I was on The Chase last year and did OK!) but in quiet moments, can find my brain in neutral. Takes me ages to get up inn the morning though that’s usually because of stiffness & spasms but I also think it’s because I know the next movement is going to hurt! Less “slowness” and more “avoidance”.

Does that ring true with you? Is it an MS thing or a not-enough-to-do thing? No longer working, I get so bored…

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I guess it does vary from person to person. And it may even not be an MS thing and could happen to anyone.

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Hi @flora,
It sounds like you could be describing sensory overload which is attributed to MS but there’s not too much info about it.
The “slow thinking” is possibly related to the confusion this might be causing you.

I struggle to cope with loud noise as it’s so painful, also I understand what you mean about too many people talking as I can’t keep up!

Try not to let it get you down and perhaps think about letting those around you at the time know your struggles.


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Hi, and thanks for your reply. I wish it were easy telling other people. But, not everyone is the same when it comes to understanding. Maybe its the way I explain it so I might have to approach it differently. There are just too many symptoms associated with MS, that many people find it difficult to believe it. However, it is nice talking to you all who understand these issues.

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I blame mine on the MS, but I only deal with it when I’m extremely tired or having a relapse. It takes a lot longer than usual for me to process what someone’s saying, I can’t follow any but the simplest instructions, and I get overwhelmed by choices. I just try to ride it out and get out of that situation as quickly as possible.

Hi, I so get this, slow thinking, I say to my husband I feel spaced out, like I’m really not in the moment and have to think long and hard about what I’m doing, for me it comes and goes, it makes me feel irritable, because I just didn’t used to be like this, I just whether the storm.