Feel as if I'm going to drop??

So I haven’t been diagnosed with MS, but I’ve spent the past few years with dissociation, fatigue, buzzing sensations, hot and cold sensations, limp limb feelings etc. I still have no idea what’s going on, whether it is a mental or physical problem or both. I have times where I am standing still, usually in a busy place, for instance waiting to cross a road, and my body literally feels as if its going to collapse. My torso feels like it’s almost locking up or something, it’s very odd, and I still haven’t been able to put my finger on it. It doesn’t particularly happen if I’m feeling anxious, it feels like a weird physical symptom? Has anyone had anything similar?

hi celpal

I totally understand your last paragraph.

I call it sensory overload, my neuro admired my description and maybe it could become an official part of neuro-speak!

it’s important to be able to describe our symptoms and share them to help others in the same situation.

my worst experience of sensory overload was the christmas after my diagnosis.

my sons (aged 9 and 10) wanted to go shopping in manchester so i took them to the trafford centre.

the lighting made me dizzy, the sparkly floor did too.

gazillions of small children darting around willy nilly and at great speed - bleurgh!

I can definitely empathise with the sensory overload. I feel a lot of confusion as to whether my symptoms are a result of traumatic stress (as I went through a very stressful period a few years ago) or whether there is a physical issue too. Some of the symptoms seem to correlate heavily with MS but I am aware it could be so many things and as it hasn’t shown on an MRI at this stage I’m leaning towards mental heath causes. It’s a pickle! Thank you it is a relief to know that other people know what I am describing although obviously wish you didn’t have to experience it!

i was having a lot of stress too just before and during my diagnosis.

it was a bit of a relief to have a name for it all.

my diagnosis was what feels like a lifetime ago,

I wish you a gentle ride on this carousel called MS - if that’s what it is.

If it isn’t MS all I can say is “Lucky Blighter”!

carole x